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Heidi LPC
Heidi LPC, Psychotherapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Licensed Professional Counselor
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Is there a doctor i can talk to anout my anxiety and panic

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Is there a doctor i can talk to anout my anxiety and panic attacks ive been having
Heidi LPC :

Hi there! I am not a Dr., however I am a licensed psychotherapist... would you like to request a Dr. specifically, or would you like to try to see if I can be of any help? I am knowledgable in stress management and anxiety... it is up to you :-)

Customer: Can see if you can help
Heidi LPC :

Great! Ok.. so fill me in on the details of what is going on, and let me see what comes to mind, ok?

Customer: Jan 2-feb11 i was at nait for my first year welding i had 2 panic attacks in class in feb and 1 feb 18 after late night hockey game went to ER feb 25 i started to get symptoms felt very tired not alloy of energy felt weaker the weak ness went away after a week or so but the tired ness is the worst and been having breathing issues it gets worse with panic attacks all so insomnia symptoms profressed
Customer: end of may started to get stomic cramping and diarriah
Customer: Up to this date now been about 8 month i think? Feel very tired way worse then when started psnic attacks not like full out attacks my breathing just get bad and i just dont feel rigjt at all and all most start freaking out insomnia quite a bit of diarriah or watery stool stomice cramping muscle joint pain
Customer: Ive been on cipralex 10 mg now for 2 month doesnt seem to be helping
Customer: Oh and shortness of breath
Heidi LPC :

Is this all brand new to you? The first step in anything like this is to see your doctor for some routine testing to be sure that it isn't anything physical... once that is ruled out, you can then start to work on exploring what is triggering the anxiety. The symptoms you describe, like joint pain, aren't usually connected to anxiety alone. Wondering if you can talk to your Dr. about trying something other than the cipralex? I am attaching a link to some simple things you can try to alleviate anxiety here:

I do recommend a change of medications to see if that helps to resolve the insomnia, etc...

Customer: Yes all these are new to my one thing i forgot to mention is i had unprotected sex feb 11 was scared of hiv as i did get tested at 3 and 4.5 month for hiv antibodies all neg so all most certain it cant be that and have been seeing my doc reg and got tested for all most everything
Heidi LPC :

The key to controlling panic and anxiety is self-talk... reminding yourself that you are safe in the moment, and telling yourself to just breathe. You are having more physical symptoms of fear, and learning how to calm yourself and cope with thoughts that frighten you will be the key.

Heidi LPC :

Working on focusing on relaxing your muscles, one area at a time, can help. The article talks about ways to challenge your own thinking and to "change the channel" from fear to calming thoughts will be helpful to you.

Heidi LPC :

Counseling will also be helpful; having someone teach you in person ways to relax when you feel anxious can make all the difference.

Customer: Can you have all these symptoms though with out having attacks?
Heidi LPC :

Sure... it just depends on how severe the anxiety is. But, I still think that a discussion is called for with your Dr. about the meds, because they could be causing more side effects than are helpful.

Heidi LPC :

It may be worth a call to him/her to talk about how you are feeling...

Heidi LPC :

Here are some side effects I found for cipralex:

Contact your doctor if you experience these side effects and they are severe or bothersome. Your pharmacist may be able to advise you on managing side effects.

  • changes in heart rate

  • congested or runny nose

  • constipation

  • diarrhea

  • difficulty sleeping

  • dizziness

  • drowsiness

  • dry mouth

  • fatigue

  • fever

  • heartburn

  • increased sweating

  • insomnia

  • loss of appetite

  • nausea

  • sexual dysfunction including:

    • decreased libido (sex drive)

    • erectile dysfunction (difficulty getting or keeping an erection)

    • inability to have an orgasm

  • stomach upset

  • yawning

Heidi LPC :

Sounds like you are experiencing a few, and they do sound quite bothersome, so I say talk to the doctor :-)

Customer: Ok thnks for your help
Heidi LPC :

You're very welcome!! All the best to you, my friend! :-)

Heidi LPC :

Let me know if I can be of any service to you in the future--- just put my name at the beginning of your question... and take good care of yourself!

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