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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Is it okay to take the suggested amount of OM3 Emotional

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Is it okay to take the suggested amount
of OM3 Emotional Balance while taking anti-depressants?
Omega 3 is actualy fish oil so I hope I can do the 8 week trial. The anti-depressants haven' been effective as I had wanted it to be.

The answer is a bit more complicated than just a yes or no.

Omega three fatty acid is an essential fatty acid, which means that your body cannot manufacture it and it needs to acquire it from an outside source. That said, many adults in the US do not get enough OM3 in their diets. Overall: The jury is still out on a final say, but Omega three in combination with zinc and calcium and magnesium glycinate have been show to stabilize mood and fight depression in some people.

The problem is that Omega three also thins the blood. The drugs that you are taking for diabetes can be impacted by this supplement.

Odds are that your prescribing physician will allow the supplement use. But best practice is that you should definitely ask your doctor before taking OM3 as it could cause some harm in dosages that are greater than 500mg per day...and OM3 Emotional Balance, is over that amount. The risk is not in the OM3 itself but in the other drugs and the interactions. So, a phone call to your doctor is warranted before taking this regime. Steven

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