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DrFee, Psychologist
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Free,. Sorry to bother you just need an information: I first

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Hi Dr. Free, It is me again. Sorry to bother you just need an information: I first I was experiencing these symptoms now they a little bit better Are they also part of schizophrenia: I hate people - I rarely go outside. (Every year it gets worse, to the point where i only go out of my room to get water/food/use restroom/shower) - I think about suicide every day. - I am afraid to look into mirrors because I see people behind me that aren't really there - I have a hard time remember anything about myself/about my past. - I hate my life - I think about killing people (even people close to me) - I do not like going to the mall (or Walmart or any other public place) because there's too many people there and when i go i think everyone is looking at me. - I sometimes get dizzy, and fall to the floor but before i hit the ground I stop and realize what im doing - sometimes i do things then wonder why was I doing it. - I barely ever sleep - when I'm in the shower I just sit down and zone out for a long time. I keep looking around in the bathroom, thinking someone is there with me. - when I'm alone in my room and all the light is off (when im about to sleep) I keep looking at my window/ closet thinking someone is there spying on me - I hear voices telling me to kill/hurt myself and kill/hurt other people - sometimes I talk to myself - I have an extreme fear of being judged - I don't show much emotion - I hallucinate (see dead animals lying on the floor, see baby arms on the floor, hear screaming, hear growling, see bright flashing lights, feel bugs crawling all over my skin, ect.) - I get angry randomly - I cut myself - I have the constant feeling that I'm being watched or followed - I feel like someone's after me - I'm afraid of sleeping because the voices in my head told me that if I sleep then someone will come and kill me in my sleep - I'll start doing something and then forget what I was Thanks, S

Hello --your symptoms are consistent with Schizophrenia. I know that you are having a really tough time, and please remember, that's normal, given where you are right now (newly diagnosed, maybe not the ideal meds yet that will really help, etc)

I would like to interact with you in much more detail, but I am about to head out of town. If you can wait, I will say more this weekend. If you can't please feel free to open your question up to other Experts.

. Thanks--hang in there,

Dr. Fee

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I need the information now how can I leave my question open to another experts. Thanks

Hi S,

Your question was opened to other Experts, but I see that no one responded. I got settled much more quickly than I thought I would, so I can give you my thoughts.

1. Given the level of symptoms that you are experiencing, I am wondering if you are on the correct regimen of medication. I do think that it's imperative that you find a good Psychiatrist with whom you can develop a long-term, trusting relationship. I recall from our previous conversation that it doesn't sound like you've got that.

I know that it can be difficult to find a doctor that you feel comfortable with and can trust. You can call your insurance for referrals, ask your Primary Care doctor, or if you know of anyone who sees a Psychiatrist, ask for that person's name. You can also search on some websites such as (they have mostly therapists but you can search for Psychiatrists and some are listed on there).

2. Do your best to remind yourself that the things you are describing are not real, but symptoms of the Schizophrenia. This is nearly impossible for some people, but for some it actually works. I know 3 people who are/were able to do this extremely well. One woman told me she saw huge trees in the middle of the road (which made driving difficult). She said a loud over and over again, "there's no tree in the road, it's my hallucination," and was able to keep driving.

3. Get a good therapist --if you don't feel like the one you're with is helping you enough, try to talk it through with her and say you need something more/different. See if you can work it out with her. If you can't, shop for a new one.

4. From our previous conversation --you said your therapist said that if you felt you were in danger from your symptoms (killing/hurting yourself) to go to the ER. I AGREE--Do NOT hesitate to go to the ER if you are at all afraid you will act on what a voice tells you to do.

5. Consider an Inpatient program anyway --it could help you get on the right regimen of medication. Then you could be placed in an intensive outpatient program where you could meet other people with Schizophrenia and get some practical support.

Best wishes and I'm always happy to talk to you

Dr. Fee

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Oh Dr. Free you are an angel you gave me so much hope and courage I am thinking of inpatient for couple days or weeks then go to a outpatient. I live in Canada and any specialist referral must be done through family doctor and we are very short of psychiatrist the state I live in the wait time is approximately 6 to 9 months. I did saw a psychiatrist but he did not seem helpful at all I told him about my symptoms and he ignored me then he said I should find one close to my area so now he can't see me. Next week I am going to see my family doctor and I will ask her to make another referral to a different psychiatrist for second opinion and I will tell from scratch to bottom. Thanks for all your help it did made a difference. Have a great weekend :)

Best wishes,



Thank you for your kind words. It sounds like you have a good plan --I hope that it will work out quickly for you to go inpatient.

Take good care,

Dr. Fee

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