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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1765
Experience:  More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
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Olsen pls.. kate has croup. as th day wore on she got worse

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steve olsen pls.
hi steve. kate has croup. as th day wore on she got worse and the barking started. she was choking and gagging and vomiting. im literally walking on eggshells trying to keep her calm and happy as if she cries its a whole thing of not being able to breathe and choking and viomitng. she wont eat. overnite i was up the whole nite with lapses of 15 min here or there of sleep i guess due to pure exhaustion as i havent slept since sat night.
i argued with rob who lost his wcool with me. i was trying to tlak to kate who was crying not to ttake her motrin for fever and hes like shes 2. just hold her and im putting it down her throat. i said look if she cries and vomits whats the point? i did finally convince her though. i wanted to take her t the er b/c i felt she was really working to breathe and hes like i had croup shes not that bad. rob had very bad croup and was hospitailized several times for it.
in the am, he got up and left early so he could see if he could leave early to get home for me to go to work, and after he left i got up and took her to the er. dr b and i had been communicating via text and he said she shud come in to be re evaluated. i didnt make it in time to see dr b i saw dr...josh. hes a yr behind dr b in school and thy knew each other and dr b was th senior resident and dr josh was his intern and resident. dr josh just started with us and hes sweet. anyway he saw kate and was very good with her and kate was honestly a model pt. he told me how sweet she is and he wanted a chest xray and i cudnt go and hee put on a lead sheet an held kate for the xray. kate didnt move as i promised and told her to say cheese for her picture. she did as she was told. anyway in triage the nurses were like shit liz shes sick which got me more upset b/c i realized it wasnty just my imagination or overprotectedness that kate was really sick. they said shes too sick for the out pt area and i convinced them to put her there b/c if she was to be admitted id sign out and drive to schneiders. she was working hard to breathe. she threw up in triage and then ssaid very sadly no thank you to her rectal temp. jen - the other one said omg im going to cry poor kate. we did it anyway as u know how i am. i need to know how sick this kid is sorry.
we got to the back n the pa charlene came and saw her and was like oh crap liz the dr needs to see her.
dr josh came and told her she looked awfully sad, kates so hoarse she whispered yeah.
so we gave her tylenol which she threw up again and she got nebs and steroids im (i was told ima meanie and i was like tough shit my kids sick) and a suppository,all done by me. and kate still says she loves me. she was very interested that we were at mommys hosp
dr josh said that kate was very beautiful as did every1 else who met her for the 1st time i her disney princess nitgowns...(we got to change n do fashion show since we vomited so many times..lucky i had 2 xtra with me...)
dr josh said if i felt ok taking her home hed let me. so i took her home. and if tonite is the same ill be at schneiders. i called out and i told rob i may not be paid 2 days but this onee i shud be as i shud have time and i called early.
kate told the dr pa and th nurses thank u much and everyone was like awwwww
when we were leaving kate heard a baby crying in the next room and was very worried baby was sick. she told the dr to go help the baby - the babys sick and i almost teared up that kates so considerate. i mean i think shes little to think that way.
rob seemed upset he dint stay home but he told me he cudnt he had a meeting. t me, its like ur last days fri. wtf. they cant live without him?
i hope that ur moms doing well. yeah laxatives are not good for gi bleed. it increases motility and the goal is to get the gut to rest....
oh and sun nite i came in and found out pa we work with died fri nite. he was 41. we had pouring rain storms and he lost control of his car and died at another hosp.
i knew him although i wudnt say we were friends he was day shift. he was very cynical - realistic - like oh yeah thi sguy has chest pain for a yr but todays the day he came...
we did talk but id say m an aquaintansce. anyway i dont know why but i felt sick hearing about it. he was 40 or 41 and he had little kids... and i just feel like.. god what a shame. and waste. and his 2 little boys dont have a dad.. i maybe overly hormonal due to preg i know but.. but it did upset me.

Hi, I am a Moderator for this topic. I sent your requested Professional a message to follow up with you here, when they are back online. If I can help further, please let me know. Thank you for your continued patience.

I seem to be apologizing a lot for my delay in getting to you. Too many mom issues these days. Sorry.

I read about the situation with Kate. How horrible. And, what surprises me is that even when she feels like crap, and she certainly has every excuse to be crabby...she is so sweet; to the doctors, the pa, the nurses, everyone. Heck, she was so kind to people it was amazing to see her lack of egocentric thinking. She even was concerned about the baby. That is something, and speaks volumes to her character.

I know she will bounce back physically, but kids get so sick and you cannot help to feel so terrible for her. Heck, I would miss work too if it came to a choice about being with her or going to work. She needs you now.

Are you saying that Rob was not willing to blow off a day on the job that he is leaving this week? If that is the case I am a little concerned. What is more important here? Truly the job will wait. They will survive without him when he goes to ConEd. And if he hesitated about leaving his first days at the ConEd job, I get that....but the old one...who really cares? Perspective man, perspective: It is "both of" your child who is sick. And, it is not your (liz's) exclusive prerogative to take care of her. That is a two parent job. I have to admit I am confused about his reaction. What are they going to do if he misses a day, fire him?

You are hanging in there pretty well too. It is not easy to be well along in pregnancy, overwhelmed at work and taking care of a really sick child on totally inadequate sleep. Your are either really tough or are just hanging in there on sheer willpower alone. I know you were beat before this all happened. You know, I should not say this as a counselor, but your life really does not involve any real breaks. It simply goes from one difficult situation to another. They get resolved, but as soon as one ends another comes up. This has to be getting to you. I see some folks like this, but you have a special place in the world of continuous trauma and stress. I will be here for you, you know that, but wow. It is really non stop action. I am so sorry this goes on like this for you.

I can say that I too would feel upset by the death of a 41 year old guy at work. It doesn't matter that you were not all that close to him. He died so suddenly and the sense of that is something that is not easy to grasp by any means. It really does show the fragile nature of our lives and the things that are in it; we just have to appreciate each day for what it is. That may be a theme for you as the years 2011-12 were so rough for you. This sort of puts things in a certain perspective, troubles or not.

Croup is such a miserable illness and I had to laugh (I know you didn't) at Rob's man up attitude about it. I had croup...I survived. (He sounds just like some old grandfather talking about the old days.) Is he okay? He sounds like he is stressed way out himself.

My mother is doing better. She still is not her self yet and her focus and concentration are off a bit. I am hoping with times that the electrolytes issue is fully resolved. She seems so sensitive to sodium levels being off, even a little. Steven

Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1765
Experience: More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
Steven Olsen and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi steve. i had a whole ans for u. i lost it so this will be abbreviated out of time and frustration.

your mom, feed her salty stuff. like soup, cold cuts and pretzels. works every time. make sure she didnt develop a uti. confuses the crap out of the older population.

dont apologize for any delay in getting back to me. im ok. im not ina crisis. and if i was you do what you have to do. as we all do. really.

kate. shes doing better. the decadron shot mustev kicked in. i gave her more prednisone this am. she still has soem noisy breathing and shes clingy and has a temp.. but shes not working hard to breathe. a winner for me. i wouldnt want to be anywhere other than with my little doll. i am concerned as i dont wnat problems at work. i wantto blend in and not be any focus of attention really.

my dad always says how sweet kate is and i guess hes right. i only can compare her to other kids and ive thought her to be sweet and generally a good girl. she makes mistakes - i dont deny that. but shes pretty much easily corrected.

rob did take off mon, he didnt want to tues due to this meeting. when i told hi i thought there was a possibility of her being admitted and the traige nurses saying she was pretty sick he said i can get on the next train where do i meet you. he seems pretty impressed with the decadron shot and says he didnt get that to make him better etc.. i dont know what treatment he got other than i know he used to have to sit in the cool mist tent on the hosp crib.

im mad at myself that i let her get sicker overnite. i shudve told him he can stay the f**k home and im going to the er with her.

im her mother. i knw hes the father, but sorry i bore her.

and as i said to one of the nurses at work.. you know how men are... sperm donors. i hate to say we all laughed hard at that...

the girls at work saw rob the day before and they were like omg is that your husband? yes.. oh hes so cute...

i said well u stay away from him.. cuz sluts like you are his type...

they all laughed at that too.

if we werent there with a sick kate i was going to find out who was on and send rob to go threaten soem lives for th fun of it...

like oh are you the one who wants to f**k my wife...? and let the er dr.. be like what?!!

thatd be a good one to do to dr b...

or my dads favorite (to waiters or other people who can be intimidated.. valets..) i saw you looking at my wife. you were looking down her dress werent you you f**k? and usually the whole table or party is laughing and the guys shitting his pants... then my dad tips the guy big for being the butt of the joke...

as far as your whole (im summing it up, i know u didnt come out and say this...) wow liz ur life sucks...

i dont know what to say?

is it like f**king you up?

like are you in deep analysis now? on suicide watch?

you knock back a few drinks before you read my post?

i sometime sthink like.. other people have easier lives than this. i guess youre telling me im right in that thought...

other times like today feels like anormal day really. like im tired.. but well what can u do?

at least shes not really sick anymore...

maybe its the career choice?

i feel a little off i guess from fatigue.. and not working...

and i guess it wont be any easier coming up with the new baby coming next month.

rob actually just texted me that he wnats to have sex and i was like youre hilarious.

i took kate to the ob gyn with me in her pjs and i looked like death warmed over and im to be like lets have sex? yeah he has a good sense of humor..

i didnt see my ob i saw his female partner that i cant stand. i dont know if it was like a set up (were supposed to see the other dr once.. he hadnt mentioned it this time so i kept my mouth shut..) th nurse said it 1st of dr so and so will be right in.. and i said no, im here to see dr k. she said oh ok.. then she came in and i was like i dotn have ana appointment with u.. she said dr k is ina procedure i said i saw him..she said yes next door.

i figured id get you going so you dont wait long. i didnt say anything b/c its like fine just get me the hell out of here. i was pretty pissed. i didnt want to come as we were finally sleeping after days of not...

i shudve skipped it really.

what a waste. i know the baby has a heartbeat. hes kicking me.

u think they purposely did this cuz he knew id argue with him that im not seeing her?

I know what it is like to have a post removed mysteriously, or to simply disappear from existence. It is so frustrating. I feel your pain on this as it has happened to me many times.

Mom is back home and I did get her some good, but salty stuff to keep her sodium levels up. It is not the best for her, but she likes Hebrew National Hotdogs. (They are good) and they are salty as heck.

Glad to see that Kate is doing much better. The fact that she was not able to breathe well has to be a huge concern, and to see that subside is wonderful news. Modern medicine is so, well, cool. We can do so much.

Child care has to come before work, but that doesn't remove the uncertainty of how people might react about the missed days. The good thing about child issues is that most people have at least a concept of some type of what it is like to be stuck with a very ill child. Even if you did inconvenience some people because of the situation, the issue is not one that is seen as self centered. Indeed, you brought Kate in, and people saw her and now she (and you) seem more real.

That fact will lessen the impact of this miss from work just in and of itself. We do that exact thing, personalizing an individual by sharing knowledge of their lives with perpetrators of kidnappings and hostage situations. It makes the perpetrators less likely to hurt the person because they are no longer just nameless faces. The same thing happened with Kate when you brought her to the hospital. I really doubt any one, even Peter, will say much of anything to you.

So we are just sperm donors huh? Well, I guess that is true from a certain perspective. But I do feel that men often use gender as a reason for a lack of dedication and involvement with family. Rob is not like that, but sometimes he acts like a young guy and not a man with a family. That breaking of attitude will occur, but he is still young enough that he has it. With this new baby that will not be the case as it will speed the family man maturity process. Remember what he is like now, for in a year he will be a much different person.

You are mean to dr b. Threatening him through Rob, funny Liz. And you comment about what the nurses said about him was also funny. Stress brings out the humor in you I think.

What if the Valet in your father's story admits he was looking? Does he still get a tip? lol

Ah, no...As far as difficult people that I work with, you are not even on the page, let alone high on the list. I used to have a person who would run away in a manic state to your city...and then ran naked into a fountain in a highly populated area, singing at the top of her lungs. Even the NYPD folks were impressed. So no...I don't need to tie one on before I write you. I am just saying you seem like a person who has a fairly steady stress level that never seems to abate. It just goes on and on. Most people go in cycles, good to bad and back. You have a steady diet of things that fall apart or cause undo stress. It is just, odd. One resolves and another surfaces, like fighting the Hydra where one head comes off and another takes its place. Yes, some people do have easier lives, not overall, but in terms of the consistency of issues appearing. You are the Old Faithful of Stress. (How is that for a life title?) I also think the career choice and the family of origin do not help a lot. They are often involved in the stress pattern.

Sex? Well, you have to admire his tenacity.Being where you are emotionally and physically, drained and tired...I doubt sex hits the radar with any regularity these days. I am sure you just want that tiredness and fatigue, over.

Do I think that a doctor would purposely arrange a scheduled visit so you could meet with the partner doctor so they can get familiarity with you? (or similar) Yes, I have seen it myself. They usually justify this in some crazy logic, but I do think that many OB's do this just because they can. I think that could be a very accurate perception. You do know that women's health care is rarely about the woman, right? It is about the doctor, and I'll bet you can agree to an extent. Steven

Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1765
Experience: More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
Steven Olsen and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ooh get her potato chips to eat with the hot dogs... lol.

hell you only live once.

great now i want like ball park food. hotdogs cips soda, big puffy pretzels..

soft ice cream... see? now i have to call sperm donor and say.. look i need... hot dogs pretzels ice cream...

last night i texted him kate wants lemonade, this is the truth. and she specifically asked mommy can have lemonade? yes she leaves out the i. i dont know why.

so he says now im getting kate things for cravings? and where do i get this lemonade? so i told him i want it too.. and baby and i are not concerned o how he makes those things appear in this house. we just know daddy gets them.

he got us lemonade...

well as far as kate being real. peter didnt see kate -nor did the higher up keisha. even though she was there 2 separate days. so.. dont know if that will make her seem more real. a med record is there, i mean they shudnt read it b/c really its none of their business and hippa and all.

rob has improved actually so i cant complain. he basically does what i want. if i tell him stop at the store, at the atm, we need this, help me load the dishwasher.. or u change kate ill switch the laundry etc.

that is the same man who told me if i only had 3 weeks of vacation when i had kate id only be able to take 3 weeks off. i was actually gong to have the ob talk to him as i was out of my mind with him and then soemthing changed. and this time he said he plans to do a 401k withdrawal.. so that will finance part of the maternity leave.

as far as sex. yeah let me start laughing. kate was up coughing/ choking last night. and then she wanted to go back to sleep this am but couldnt due to her coughing fits. so weve been up. shes been lethargic hanging on me and i love her but im getting a little like.. i need a minute here. to sit and be alittle comfortable by myself. i mean im not even by myself due to fetus but.. im already uncomfortable by myself 8 months preg really.

i have never heard of anyone admitting to looking down my moms dress to my dad. the guy never did he just picks soem hapless guy who made the mistake of coming to work.

nd my dads a ball buster and he can keep it riding for a few hrs which is why a waiter is usually a good target. then the waiter may start avoiding the table and my dadll be like now youre not bring us our food? or more drinks? but meanwhile the guys ready to run away.

dr b could use a little scare i think...

just to straighten him out a little.

as far as rob liking sluts. lets be honest. it the truth.

even when i was thin he wanted me to be dressed more... out there. i never dressed slutty.

he always said i always dressed really nice and he liked it.. but he wouldnt mind it if well it was more provocative.

see? sperm donor.

oh was your pt betty? th one who danced naked in the fountain? nice lady. makeup was a little out there... but well blue eye shadow shud come back in style... sooner or later...

as far as dr k. what shud i do to him? i have 2 weeks to decide. do i let it go and say nothing?

or do i tell him like pull some shit like that on me again and ill have someone else deliver me? i have the hi risk who basically knows me. i cud just tell him deliver me.

the fact of his female partner seeing me is stupid. 1 she didnt rememeber me from last time. i tore my whole episiotomy and thats memorable. and she still didnt rememeber me. she said oh she has a cold? i said no the croup. she said oh my daughter had that.. i put her in a warm steam shower.. blah blah.. and i furrowed my brow. exactly the wrong thing to do. and then she said oh we went to go out side to go to the er and she got better. sigh. yeah shes a moron.

so i said oh yeah well the cool air helps.. not the steam. and she said yeah what did i know? i was a novice...

but you were a dr moron. a dr.

see? i dotn need a stupid dr. no thank you. i have no patience for it steve. none as you can imagine. ...

i mean i dotn need blue cross to pay them 5k for my delivery or whatever.

so eleaborate what you mean about womens health not being about women?

in the political scene yes... i think they use birth control and abortion - issues that are settled for a long time - to keep women stuck thinking and fighting for that...

but as far as dr k and his trickery of me.. i dont know if it actually was - or if im just paranoid - but i was pretty pissed and it was so ironic as that was the only appt ive been like ah ill skip this shit. i dont need to go. its a waste of time really.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well the hosp called and said kates urine culture came back positive for 2 different bacterias.. but the u/a was negative. so i said doesnt that sound like its been contaminated? she said if it was one yes but not 2 bacterias and we dont want her to get pyelonephritis and shes only 2.. and klebsiella is very resistant and we want too treat her. so now thyere calling in a prescription for bactrim. sigh.

i really hate to put her on antibiotics but i dont want to gamble with her.. i consulted dr b and he was like treat her. so i feel like.. i cant not treat her...

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

oh and on top of that, we pre ordered disneys diamond edition cinderella. s o i did it last week and it came out tues so we got it in the mail today. so it was supposed to come with 4 lithographs. b/c you pre ordered.

ok so i never pre order. so the box comes and theres no lithographs. im surprised, but i figfure ok ll call the disney people and theyll send them no big deal.

well im on hold blah blah. they come back and say well its only until supplies run out. so i say well you accepted my order, so then supplies didnt run out. so they say sorry but u did get the blu ray / dvd set. so i said yes but its supposed to come with the lithographs.

so apparently theyll accept you order/ money but basically they could make 2 sets of lithographs and tell 8 million other people... oh well too bad. so i who never write reviews for stuff cuz i just dont have time, well i wrote a scathing one about how they disappointed a 2 yr old who chose to go as cinderella for halloween and how its basically a scam, plus ill be rethinking purchasing anything from disney anymore.

and i used spell check and fixed it all to sound like im an educated adult.

does this sound like bullshit to you? it really just rubbed me the wrong way honestly..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hey steve. i am writing this in my own personal state of panic - nothing major but my father just called and said theyre coming over in less than 2 hrs. me and kate arent dressed and my house s a huge mess. b/c i havent caught up since kate was f**king born.

i told them uh my house is a mess (cuz really we live like animals...) and my dad said thats fine dont worry. but i dont think they rea;ize what kind of mess.

im going to start getting dressed. ack is all i can say

I love when relatives drop over and the house looks like a nuclear strike! It is so relaxing. I so understand your frustrations.

This is just what you need, another stress event, right after another big one...Kate being ill. You are fried and on top of it all, relatives want to come see you? Nice. Wow, that is not so good. I know you will be cleaning as you cannot simply allow them to see your home a wreck...but I hope you do not overdo it.

The lithographs. Hey, if I preordered something and it showed up without the promised additional bonus items I would be really ticked. They said they would have the lithographs and they do not. Plus you preordered. That should have been more than enough to guarantee that you get the lithographs as promised. And, you are a regular purchaser of Disney material and you go to Disney and you probably put a Disney employee's kids through college or something with all your involvement. Yes, they owe you what they promised. I would be writing them too.

I get what you mean about being hesitant to put Kate on a sulfa drug, but hey...she has got two major issues going on and since you ruled out a lab contamination I can't see that you have any choice. Some of the research in psychology shows that untreated infections of this nature can cause future MH issues, even anxiety based problems, so I would live with the treatment as the alternative is not very good.

I did get my mother on some salty stuff, but now that she is clear and able to think straight she is giving me a hard time about getting her services in her home and so on. You would think she would be delighted that I got her some attention and services...but no. Sigh. Oh, sorry I gave you a ballpark food fixation. It happens though. I recall going to the ends of the earth to find my wife fresh pineapple because she just had to have it. At least Rob is a cooperative shopper for you. It sounds like he would do anything to get your cravings matched and satisfied. That is a great thing, isn't it? You'll pay him back some day right? (Maybe a voucher for sex, which is what some women do when pregnancy gets too far along and makes things just too uncomfortable. Hey, make some coupons...and don't think I am not serious. It works.)

Being that you did not mention it, I guess that there were no repercussions from the day you had to call off for Kate? I really think that having her there was a good move on your part. Now you have all these allies who know Kate is a darling and was super sick. Even if the higher ups did not see her you would be surprised at how quickly kid and baby related visit information travels.

Your father is my kind of guy. I love that kind of humor, although it has an edge to it, it is funny as heck. I would not want to be the waiter though. I get the impression that your father could really scare some people if he wanted to. And I seriously doubt, unless the person was a mess, that they would ever admit being a voyeur on your mother, as your father would kill them.

No my patient was not named Betty. I can't tell you her real name of course, but let's just say it is a very common name that you have written a million times.

I think based on what you told me about Dr K's partner that I would insist that he sees you. She sounds like a ditz, really. That is the last thing you need, a doctor who is not with it and does not know or recall you delivering your baby. Normally I would just say forget it. But this makes me think that there are other, medical and safety issues that would cause me to question having any one else but Dr K as your doctor. So what if he is frustrated by this. You can always tell him that no one compares to him anyway and you only want the best.

Women and health care. I have noticed that male issues and male medical problems always seem to garner more attention in terms of solid and actionable things than women's. Yes, we have pink ribbons and so on..drawing attention to a particular issue or two that is exclusively female related. But I think if men had some of the problems that women do, such as painful childbirth and so on, that we would have invented some device or medicine that easily negates the whole discomfort thing. It just seems to me that women's medicine, OB issues being the main one, are a step above barbarism in some cases.

At this point with Dr k I feel it best to insist on him as your face to face. Yes, many OB's have partners see their patients. But this lady? Frightening....Steven

Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1765
Experience: More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
Steven Olsen and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi steve. my parents just walked out the door. and i ran 2 talk to my therapist.

sounds about right huh?

they came late - 1pm actually. it was good in the sense i had more time, but i just kept running thinking ok let me put that away (my drivers record with the suspension listed on it..) to let me load the dishwasher n putr stuff away, to let me pick up this box or toy. and i threw out wait for it. 6 bqgs of garbage.

and its still a hellhole.

i scrubbed the bathroom, got us dressed and moved all the clothes were trying to sell on ebay. plus her new stuff that has no home since rob is fixing the kids room closet t be a double rack so i can have room for the kids. and all their crap.

anyway, so they came and kate was dressed and i was beat from the cleaning. they brought cake, and i said ok, well what wud u like for lunch b/c i hadnt gotten any cold cuts or anything.

they said ok ok lets wait awhile. about 15 min later theure like ok i can eat..(ok..) so its whos going? what are we getting? so its only my dad and i.. then its all of us.. so we all pile inot my minivan - my dad wantedto use his car, but i said i cant switch the carseat.. so then he said oh ok if were all going...

were going to pull away and theyre like can we sit down at that store? so i said no its an italian market.. theres food but no seating. do supermarkets have seating? wtf?

so i put it back inot park and im like ok what do u want to do? so my moms like lets go soemwhere so u guys get out of the house. mind u despite kate being sick we went to the drs 3 days in a row. 2 days at the hosp for 4 hrs each plus a drs visit for the ob.

i think im serious about this - that my mother didnt wnat to stay at my messy house and was like lets eat out.

so shes like lets got ot mc donalds.. the closest mc donalds is n a crappier neighborhood and i didnt want them 2 see that. so i took them further into the neighborhood thats nicer. so we go and that mc donalds has no playplace. which i was kind of happy with b/c shes already sick.

so we got on the highway a few miles n were there in 10 min. so theyre like its o far? so i said its not far really i just choose to take the hwy b/c avoid all the traffic n theres never traffic here were on the outskirt of the neighborhood and we drove rite thru...

we sit n its too hot for my dad - it was actually too hot for me but i try to keep my mouth shut as much as possible. my moms force feeding kate chicken nuggets. she takes away her french fries and kate turns sees mine n says i take one mommy? pls?

so i said yes but lets eat chicken nuggets. then my mom drops the word ice cream.. so now kates stuck on one channel. ice cream.

then kate finally gets one n she says (as she always does) its too cold. so my moms like put the chocolate on it. so im trying to just not do it and my pushy mother takes it n now is force feeding ice cream. im actually worried kate will throw up n im like mom she already ate too much. she doesnt normally eat 3 nuggets.

kate ends all of this and says i want to go home. (she has more f**king sense than the rest of us)

my dad very sensitive to kates needs - says lets go. i pick up the 3 trays (thats right i mustve been a waitress in another lifetime) ad start cleaning up.

we get out of there n im like u want to go to the italian market just to see? no thats ok...

we get home and we go outside. kates playing with my dad on the layset and my mother is actually inside the playhouse sitting on the chair. yes shes that skinny of a bitch.

kate lasts a while but finally freaks n says i need to go inside. shes tearful n im trying to figure out what changed her from ok to not ok..

i get her settled n my parents r here n the phone rings i answer it n its a political thing so i hang up.

i say that, n my mom looks doubtful.

the phone rings again n i think it maybe bank of america.. i paid but owe them late fee..

so i just pick up n hang up. and say oh political call again. my mother made a face but said nothing n my dad said nothing.

my dad says what r u guys going to do? blow out upstaits and make the houe bigger? etc..

i said well id like to move n tell them why - n theyre like u can live next to assholes anywhere which is totally true. but i want to sty ahead of the fray. he thinks since we did so much to the house we shud stay.


so all in all not the worst visit although, my mother didnt pick up one thing. she didnt lift one finger which.. i dont know. i feel like she cudve said like ill help u...

i mean i didnt want to spend the time cleaning as i had cleaned for 3 hrs b4 they came

ugh i hope we can move. i got the feeling he was trying to say we wont be able to sell the house for enuff n well be underwater...

i just called my mom to see if she got home ok, and we actually had a nice conversaion. she said i looked good and that it smed like i felt good and the most important thing is that i take care of kate and me..

i said i do feel better now than i had been and she said well thats good. i laughed that she said i looked good (i need my hi lights done really bad- i cancelled this week due to kate being sick and i couldnt get my eye brows waxed..)

she told me how shes sick of laundry and i said join the freaking club. and i said i really wanted bigger washer dryer set and they had coem out with a bigger set.. id like to sell my medium size set amd hget the new ones but these are pretty new.. and she said so do it if u want...

as far as ruling out a lab contaminate... how wud kate get klebsiella? i work around it and i havent picked it up. utis are usually ecoli and if they are klebsiella - its usually a nsg home pt or a cancer pt... it doesnt make sense. shes asymptomatic b/c i asked her if it hurt when she urinated and she said no, but i felt like i had to check due to the fever of unknown origin at the time. the croup explained the fever and i felt comfortable not treating her. but between dr b and the other er dr.. them saying it shud be treated due to her age and the chance were taking - i did it as if she got sicker b/c of it and it was my fault - well i couldnt live with it. if it was me, it my own decision.

your mom. ok well lets be honest. how wud u feel if jack came along and was like hey dad, i got u a woman to make sure u wipe ur ass?

just saying. it is a way to show u care for your mom. of course. but she may want u and the kids and kate. and not an outside person. thats the other thing. so its hard for me to tell her motive, but usually its the kids dont call me enuff i hear and the kids think ima moron and im not a moron.

ugh the payback for rob... uh his son? that i get to bear and ruin myself again for? i gave him this beautiful wonderful daughter.

i mean i cant wait to wear clothes an be a person again. lose weight and feel better. ive already started cutting back on the food intake to try to curb any further weight gain...

rob will get sex. not to worry. pls.

and if he doesnt, well he still get shis kids and me. what more do u want? i told him already he needws me as a money maker and a baby maker and its going to be one or the other now. not both. im too old for this shit.

oh works not going to bang me til i come back. peter will call me to the office. either he will stop by and say i need to see u.. and he does it in front of other nurses.. hes done it to other people too. and the time he called me for the thing i didnt do with the documentation he said in front of people.

anyway my dad. yeah hes a pisser. and a ball buster. big time.

i hope i didnt tell u this story but if i did forgive me and skip ahead. a guy got banged for driving the truck drunk. like 20 yrs ago. anyway he hit a car and hurt people. no one dead thank god.

so they want to fire the guy (im kind of all for this..) my dad talks it down to a suspension. they need to do the meeting and my dad tried not have meeting with the guy cuz the guy can get upset or whatever and then say soemthing and ruin the plan. anyway my dad talks them down to no suspension - but the guy was supposed to be at work the day theyre having the meeting. so my dad says well take today as a one day suspension and gets out of there quickly. the mgmt guys didnt realize what they had done. my dad tricked them and the guy was pissed. ill explain. if the company didnt discipline the guy at all- if anything else happened- like the people sued the company and won, the co could turn around and fire the guy (again) but my dad getting him a 1 day suspension means he was disciplined. once discipline is done its over. you cannot be disciplined again for the same issue.

the guy thought my dad was stupid and started arguing wiht him at the table. so my dad got them out of there and was like shut the f**k up. either way the guy had a 1 day suspension for a huge offense and saved his job from any further possible issues. he explained, but people think theyll just walk away. you and i know you dont walk away from things like that in life.

another ball busting moment. my dad would schedule meetings and mgtmt wud be mad that they were during my dads work day. youre supposed to do union biz on the clock. anyway so my dad said fine well do it after my shift. so hed make them for 430pm friday. so these mgtmt guys wud want to be scooting out early to hit the tunnel or get back to jersey early before traffic - my dad is in queens so hed keep the mgmt guy late, then say can i make a call/ call my mom and say ok patti put on the spaghetti ill be there in 15 min. and it would burn them that they had 2 hrs of traffic ahead of them and my dad was scooting home..

i knew that jen was a freaking manic pt... did i guess right?

oh and dr ditz didnt deliver me. she did my repair of my torn episiotomy. i was delivered by a male dr who looked like he was a player from the 70s. dress shirt without the tie.. older..

he cudve delivered me. want to hear weird? my mom was delivered by the same dr i was. so he saw all 3 of our.. vaginas. yep.

grandma mom and me... plus my aunts delivered all their kids with him.. so all my cousins too. yikes.

ps - ever hear the saying that if men had children abortion would be a sacrament in the catholic church?

I would run to the therapist too if my parents did what yours

You really have to jump and move with them don't you?

I am sorry to laugh at your description of how you got ready for your parents, but I had too. I have been in a similar situation or two before in my life as well, although I do have to admit that six bags of garbage is a lot. What on earth did you have that filled six bags full?

The trip out with all of them piled in the Odyssey is a great picture; sounds just like Christmas Vacation. The fighting, the quarreling and the crazy ideas of eating at the food store. I know we have
ones that you can...but it would not be my first choice. And I can picture your mother wanting to go out because it fits what she wants and not you, or that it is about how clean the house is. And, I have to say...all that and the suggestion is McDonald's? Wow.

Good writing skills there Liz.

I can actually feel the place you describe it so
well, the fat smell of the chicken nuggets, the heat of the place and mom feeding Kate what she wants her to eat and when, and then the ice cream discussion and the force feeding of it. It is all really quite nauseating. At least Kate was smart enough to say let's get out of here. I also appreciated the comment about your house.
I know you want to move. That would be great, but saying that you need to stay because the house is so wonderful as it is after all the work that went into it; that isn't so wonderful to say. Sigh is right. Maybe it was just one of those off beat comments, You never know about the house and the market. Themarket is looking up a bit and unless you paid way too much for your home, and you did not from what I recall, you should be able to sell it at a profit.

The phone hang ups are a riot. You sure you
don't want to write a Hollywood script for your family. They could really be the next reality show hit.

At least your mother talked nicely to you after
the visit...She seemed pretty good with you, giving you complements and being nice about the washer thing. (We have a mega size washer and dryer. It is worth trading up for it. It saves so much time.)

I don't know enough about UTI type infections to
say anything of relevance about the treatment protocols, at the level you mention here; but is taking a sulfa drug that significant for a child of Kate's age? If it cures both anyway...

Jack and the woman to wipe my a**. My answer: Well, what
does she look like son? lol

Being a man, there is only so much I can say
about what goes into childbirth. True, Rob may have his son in love with you a la Oedipus, but I cannot say what the child will do to your body and your feelings about your own self. I know they say 9months up and 9months back, but it seems so much faster than that with Kate's pregnancies. With the middle one, it took the longest, with Jack....she joined a gym and really got back quickly.
I was impressed.

You are tough about the sex thing. Which choice
will he pick? lol I'll bet I could guess.

If Peter disciplines in front of others I would
definitely see that as a hostile action. That is totally inappropriate and a grievance action from what I have seen in my own past. How does he get away with that type of action? Does no one call him on it?

Your father is a riot. I love his insight and how he handles people. I can say that the guy he stood up for was totally stupid. Your father played the rules of progressive discipline perfectly. Once they agreed to a suspension he was safe. I wonder if that guy made it in life. He doesn't seem to realize what your father did for him. The management late thing...That does work. I have someone who does that to me! It frustrates me to death. It is perhaps a bit too effective.

The multi-generational OB/GYN? Weird that is. You think he remembers enough to do comparisons? I know that is odd to say, but that whole profession is strange for a man to be in. It has serious psychological issues to it.

And, got through another crazy week. But this one was rough. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hey steve. well its my own fault that i have to get ready like that for my parents. see my goal of course is to have verything organized and that anyone could just walk by and be like hey can i come in? and me be like sureeee! and its fine. furniture and just all set and together.

prob th kids will be in college. i wud def like to get a cleaning woman every other week. that wud be enuff and itd keep us clean.

we went to the pumpkin picking farm today. we had fun. kate seemed to do ok although she may have been more tired than usual.

my parents i didnt tell u brought an assortment of halloween treats for kate. candy, a painted pumpkin, a black cat, and a fake pumpkin thats like styrofoam i think.. oh and a light up pumpkin thats like decoration. none of these are meant to be toys btw.

anyway my parents werent too hostile honestly. its def not the worst get together so far. they mentioned kates bday (see? it sucked despite all that money...) oh and how cold it was that day. my dad sitting in the yard said you have big property...

and then asked how long u living here? so i said 4 yrs...

they said that went fast...

its weird but i feel almost like weve always been here. or that its very compartmentalized. like childhood my parents neighborhood. then rob and i lived in sin prior to marriage and then prior to kate... i was trying to get preg there.. but didnt.

and then the house and kate...

anyway, my dad asked about what we think we cud get for the house n i said i wasnt sure n thought an appraisal would be needed... i told him of this really nice house around the corner like ours and it looked very cottagey.. youd like it steve.. and i was going to tell my friends who lived in queens and.. well it sold within a week...

so my dad says and how much did they get? i said i dont know i didnt see what it was...

i told them how a whole bunch of houses are currently under reno and theyre getting blown out..

i mean look u could moves to beverly hills and have stupid lindsey lohan be ur neighbor so money doesnt get u away from assholes. i mean hell u cud live near a kennedy...

i just felt like glen head wud be a good place to live and as rob points out u dont want to live where there is public transportation. that buys you only certain people will live there or even know of the neighborhood. like my parents had alot of trains stop there.. andwell people r like oh im going to live there.

id tell u what i threw out 6 garbage bags full of... but then id have to kill u.. actually it was really an assortment of stuff. and rob never breaks boxes down, so boxes went in there.. that takes up room, and clothes got thrown out along with a few toys that i felt like were junk...

either way i always make alot of garbage.... wherever i am.

as far as my mom and mcdonalds.. that was weird, i dont know if it was like they dont know where to eat out here... i didnt want to suggest something alot of money b/c i knew my father wud pay. i offered a diner too n they cudnt decide but my mom wanted a double cheeseburger. so she seemed to be in the mood for it...

i was taken by surprise as shes not a big lets go out person really.. i thought for sure theyd be happy with the food at the italian market as i am...

i know my mother didnt believe tha the calls were political surveys. she thought they were bill collectors. even though i paid all the bills except stupid bank of assholes late fee. i hate them theyd call u for one penny and dont think im kidding.

oh so now u want ur ass wiped huh? so i thought u said before it didnt matter what ur nurse looked like...

so lets say jack did the right thing by making sure she was hot.... ur like sign me up/ what if its a huge german woman who just missed making the olympics in germany?

as far as rob... yest we were talking about kates birth and i said in the laundry room to him in the bathroom ugh i dont wnat to be preg anymore i had enuff!!! and i said i know its supposed to be beautiful and natural and soem other bullshit but im done.

so rob laughed and said sos the birth... and i ssaid oh what it wasnt the most beautiful thing u ever saw? so rob said nothing and i filled in the blank and said oh u mean it was like a house of horrors that no horror movie cud compare to? and he smiled and hugged me.. but i know it scared rob and was more wild than he was ready for. then again i think my delivery was kind of gruesome and ive been at others..

peter doesnt discipline in front of others. he tells u i need to see u in the office in front of others and everyone got the memo...

my dad is the king of ballbusting. or as hell tell u - im the original bullshit artist dont try to bullshit a bullshitter...

yeah i wud never go to the ob gyn that does my mom. then again my mom hasnt gone since she had my brother so no worries there.

as far as male ob gyns.. i prefer them to women. theyre alot gentler. and ive had alot of women agree with me. and they dont have a bitch telling u - i had that or that happened to me and it didnt hurt so much.

i figure the whole thing is just like being a gastroenterologist. why wud u want to look up assholes all day?

or the feet podiatry has to look at? omg..

Hi, Did you post another question on the cue? I got a notice that there was one and could not find it.

I grew up in a home that was as you describe, ready for someone to walk in at any time. It really wasn't worth it. The agony over cleaning was too much and I still resent it. There is something to be said for a home that is lived in...But with two children I doubt you are going to find keeping the house in that kind of shape on your own very easy. With working and kids and everything I can see you asking to get a cleaning person in your home. It just gets too nuts. Now that is something worth getting, I think.

Pumpkin picking? That sounds like great fun. Did you get a decent one? I love going to the one place that has the 100 pound ones, not that I would ever get one. i just like seeing them.

Relatives never bring what you usually want your kids to have...It is like all common sense goes out the window. Styrofoam pumpkins? Great idea for a child under four. What do people think when they buy this stuff?

I would not say that Kate's party was bad. You mentioned it was cold but that people had a good time. And you have been at your home four years already? Wow, that did go by quickly. You were talking about your house being a relatively new purchase when we first started to talk. Big property huh? I may start referring to your yard as the Ponderosa. How much property do you have...double lot isn't it?

It is impossible to say what kind of neighborhood and neighbors you are guaranteed to have. I agree so much. I have seen people on very modest streets live with great people and ones who are very well off being tied to people as neighbors who should be in jail. I think the neighbors are as important as the house. A realtor could tell you what you might be able to get for your home...But these days it is so hard to tell as the housing market is truly bizarre. Your home is in a good location and is on a good property. As long as you can hide your neighbors...

You have been talking about moving to glenhead for a while now. With both of you working and Rob in a very secure job and kate getting to school age, why not?

Rob is right about the public transportation. I have nearly none in my area and it does change the make up of the neighborhood.

So you are telling me that garbage follows you? And I can't imagine, unless it is Jimmy Hoffa (didn't they recently find him in some guys driveway?) that I would really become concerned about what is in your garbage.

So what if mom thinks that you are having bill collectors call...What is it to her? She does not have to pay the bills! I think you should hold your head up high and deal with whatever and whoever is on the phone when your mom is around. I notice that she holds a lot of shame power over you and facing that shame bullying is oftentimes a good technique.

Did I say it didn't matter what the nurse looked like? Hmm, I think I meant if I was dying I needed a skilled one. If not, then maybe it does. lol

Huge German woman who missed the Olympics? Well, okay. Can she bake?

Whoever said that childbirth is beautiful is probably married to one of those German woman who just missed out on the Olympics. Really...beautiful? That it is natural I buy, but that it is a wonderful thing. It is not. It is bloody and slimy and well, not pretty. I know a lot of guys who were traumatized by seeing a birth. Rob is not alone.

I still find Peter to be the junior mint of the candy machine. He is just so, basic. Even if he did discipline you in private just knowing that you are getting it is tacky and humiliating. I just do not see why that type of action is needed. There are better ways.

Feet do not bother me. I don't have an issue with that body part, at all. But proctologist...They do make a lot of money, but they deserve it in my opinion. Gynecologists have major issues at a certain level, both male ones and female ones....who I agree, according to the psych profile on a female gynecologist they would not be as gentle. Rather, they would be working out issues of their own past against a female. Next time you talk with one, ask her about how she gets along with her mother. I'll bet she says wonderful and praises for mom, up and down. (Really unconsciously disliking her.) Men, well, I think that goes unsaid.

We need to open a new question. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

HEY STEVE. I didnt start a new question yet..

it was pretty busy last night and i had alot of agitated pts. to the point that i was actually worried i would be hurt. i was kind of put out by it, but i actually stayed away from them as much as i could. i went with a male nurse who helped me place a iv line and for some reason the nurse felt it necessary to not only tell this drunk agitated pt that im preg n will be due soon, but that i didnt know who the father was when the pt said congrats to me and my husband. i didnt answer b/c i was going to really lose my cool.

the night was finally over and we were giving report , peter walked by and said hi to people and then said hi to me he said lizzie how u feeling? i said ok thx... i realize b/c i called out maybe he thought i was sick...

i saw peter again and i said id the inspection today? he said thats what they said... i said my god let them come already - rip the bandaid off already - peter laughed and said i know its enough already...

it was weird that we kind of had a moment.. his phone rang and he answered it and i took it as my cue to hi tail it out of there

i spoke to the er drs - dr b wasnt there and i dont know why - he may be on vac i remember - he has a wedding to go to this fall maybe its this week...

anyone dr josh seemed surprised that kate had klebsiella but he said well lots of kids of healthcare workers are colonized with hosp strains of germs... i have heard we are, but not our kids.. and i was upset and said well ill have to find out more...

i spoke to infectious disease and he said the fact that there were 2 bacterias says to him its contaminated... he had to do something and we got interrupted but i plan on talking to another dr whos infectious disease also

my moms house was always walk in ready.. although stuff wa put away it was like she wasnt good at cleaning. im good at cleaning.. not at getting everything put away. the real prob is my house lacks furniture/ space to put stuff away.

glenhead may be a pipe dream, we may not have good enough or enough credit to go. we may just not be able to afford it really. banks r tight with mortgages now so we may not be able to pull it off. we need to win the freaking lottery. and need time to build up our saving which r pretty bad now.

i think its pretty easy to hide the neighbors here so im not worried..

our property is 100x 110. so its not that big. its that we have the side yard due to being a corner house...

as far as shame n my mom.. i dont want my parents to lecture me nor is it any of their business if a bill collector calls.

oh now you want a hot nurse... see how the tune changes...

and i hope that not all gyns have these mental issues...

i have met some male and female ones who are genuinely nice people who want to help women...

The male nurse said that you didn't know who the father was? And, he did so in front of a potentially violent drunk? Nice guy. I think you would do better as a Marine Corps nurse in Iraq. It is less chance of getting hurt.

Well, it certainly does not seem that Peter was being rude or focused on discipline with you. Indeed, he seemed downright personable. Maybe the inspection is mellowing him. I still think he is an armchair supervisor. Smart move getting out of his presence before he said something or thought of anything else.

You sound very worried about Kate and the fact that she could have two distinct types of infections. Is there something I am unaware of as far as bad outcomes? I thought the doctor said that she would be fine if she took the bactrim. Are you worried that you gave her something? Is that even possible.

I relate to a house not having enough storage space. I have an attic and a shed and a few other under spaces in my house and there sill is not enough space. There never really is with kids and the way they used to build houses there was barely any closet space. Honestly you have to get another house to get enough space, either a huge home with a monster attic and basement or a modern one with walk-in closets in each room. It is crazy. I know. I settle for disordered but clean any day.

I would not worry about glenhead. When the time is right you will know. And, I agree that savings is something that must have a priority. You need that more than even credit sometimes. For if you can put 20% down on a property you can avoid PMI and all the extra charges that go with it. It is well worth it to stay to establish a savings.

Oh, you have a side yard. That usually makes the property look really large. That is a good thing, to have such a yard. It helps when you go to sell it. People love space, even if it is not like a back 40 or something.

No, it is not mom's business if a bill collector calls, but if one does and she figures it out there is no cause to be shamed either. It is what it is and too many of us have bill collectors and people calling to ask for this or that. The fact you have to worry about her finding out or hearing is a powerful comment about her character.

There are, of course, normal people in all professions. Just some of them (certain professions) are littered with odd people. Women's health, psychology, surgeons of all types but especially thoracic surgeons, and beauticians and of course nurses round out the odd players list. Why, no one knows. But the incidence of mental health issues is higher in those professions.

Nurse? I would rather avoid them, and doctors actually. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ill ans the end statement of the last post 1st...

so both of us are weird...?

there are some weird nurses.. but alot alot of nurses are really just great people.

therapists are weird :) lol.

peter.. i heard a nsg supervisor outwardly bash him last night about how u can talk to him 10 x about something and it does no good.

well the 2 bacterias both treatable w the 1 antibiotic. my concern of course is did i give it to kate?

infectious disease telling me that it was probably a lab contamination makes me feel alot better..

so ill get to the weirdest thing of last night. dr b s on vac.. so i have to deal with dr a. ok.. kind of.. and the covering dr last nite.. well hes really slow.

ok so dr a said 1st why r u out of breath? i had just finished running b/c another nurse had a pt crashing,..

i told him n hes like dont run.

then later he says liz take ur time.. so i said ok o prob im fime.

he then tells me liz theres a spot in the doc box why dont u sit there so u dont have to get up so often. and the med room is rite there. so i said i have to be able to see my pts and im going to pt rooms so no point f sitting in the doc box...

i told him again im ok, and im not that preg...

ok so steve the therapist why all the concern?

Statistically speaking, we have a better chance of being "weird" than most.

Caring professions, aside from the artistic creative types, have the highest level of diagnosable mental illness by ratio. That does not mean that we are seriously mentally ill, those of us who have some issues in this professional group...But, mostly we are an anxious bunch and tend to be very neurotic and worry about a lot of things. That does not mean that we are not nice or uncaring or unkind. But it may mean that we worry endlessly about if we did a good job; if people like and find us descent, etc. It is not a terrible thing by any means, it is just how we are wired.

One day Peter is going to run into someone who is not going to accept his methods and will call him on it, big time. I see a grievance on his hands in the near future. I just hope that grieved person is not you.

Speaking of careers. How is hubby's job working out? It's only been a day, but does he like it?

No matter what Kate had/has, I am just glad she can get better from it via a relatively routine drug. She is doing better, right?

Dr a and his sudden interest in your health...That is a good question. He doesn't ever do anything that involves anyone else, unless it makes him look good. If you are showing that you are pregnant at this point, and I would guess that is a for certain, it makes his ego feel better to have you taken care of, especially if he went out of his way to do so. It makes him look like a wonderful and concerned person. I think this is his drive lately, as I doubt he is getting a lot of his positive ego esteem needs met in anything else. Look at his life:

His ex wife hates him. He is not as popular at work as he once was and he seems to have lost some of his peer ranking. A lot of the nurses have caught onto him as well.

By him acting in a supportive role it convinces him that he is a good guy, despite all the glaring evidence to the contrary. Hey, if it helps you and makes him feel good, why not. You need all the breaks you get...if on his emotional dime, okay, take it. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok so im a worrier.

my name is ***** ***** im a worrier..

group : hi liz....

ok so why do we do that?

i mean were not bad people. crap we spend all day trying to help these people who wouldnt care if we dropped dead.

not all of them but.. well u know what i mean. i had a pt whos a nun and i literally jumped thru hoops. i dotn know if it was like crap shes a nun...

but i really bent over backwards...

catholic school fear. like i was looking for a pillow and i told the aides like find the f**king pillow its for a nun im not kidding. and they did

i think peter has screwed himself out of the director job.. so.. well whatever.

as far as kate she had already been feeling better prior to the initiation to the antibiotics due to the steroids..

robs last day is this friday. i screwed up. he starts oct 16th at the new job.

dr a. i guess. it actually seemed like he cared. i said ot colleen you think hes going to complain about me and try to get me fired? and shes like i thought u guys butt heads...? i said this is what im saying!!!!

as far as dr b.. hes teting me right now.. and its very flirty.. at least i think it is..

i texted and aske dif he was at disney and he said yes. the wedings on friday.. i said so u sitting on mickeys lap? he said no im trying to sit on ariels lap.. or her to sit on mine. i said i thought u liked blondes... he said well i am looking for cinderella.. i said yes but are u prince charming? and i had mentioned kate was going as cinderella..

he asked if i was going as cinderella too? i said i am.. he said well then i must woo you.. i said oh are you any good? he said i can be very good... so i said really.. and he sai dyes but it will be when i get back b/c one cannot be wooed via text message...

weve changed subjects now and hes telling me about how he doesnt go on rides due to his motion sickness...


meanwhile yest wendy sai dwhen i came inot the medication room in front of a lot of nurses hey look who back from the dead!! so i said ok.. but i was really busy too so i got what i needed and left..

we didnt speak again. and havent since that incident of her telling em she didnt have time for me.

anyway, last night she was coming from the med room and she held the door for me and i said thx and she said uh huh.. and walked out.

so shud i try to talk to her? or just say f**k it?

Hi Liz. Glad you could make our therapy group.

Really, we are no more ill than many others. It is just that the way we make choices, though a balance of feeling, insight and logic, that we are also vulnerable to worry and anxiety. Most folks make choices based only on feeling or on thoughts. We use both and as a result the choices are usually pretty good, but the feeling part of us often nags us as anxiety and concern. We like to make the right choices, and in our professions those choices are not always clear and straightforward as far as the exactly correct choice.

I am not sure why the nun freaked you out so much, unless it is related to that all important Catholic guilt that seems to be instilled in so many. Considering your family background I have little doubt that there is some worry about doing the right thing for a sister. That or God would be mad at you or something.

In some sad sort of way am I delighted that Peter has messed up his chances at the director's position. That position would not suit his present methods of management, and he seems far too immature as a supervisor to advance to that level of responsibility.

What you made a mistake about Rob's start date. Quick. I am calling that nun that was in the hospital. That is probably some Catholic penance for unintentional deception. Seriously, I hope he loves it. I know you were waiting and waiting for it, and worried it was not going to happen.

Dr a is just grinding his own "look good" ax. He really doesn't care about anyone there, including you. He is about his own self. The fact you butt heads to him would simply be in his mind, in all likelihood, that you were simply disillusioned to his superior points of view. I really do not feel he sees many as his equal. So when you disagree he just chalks it up to you not being at his level. I doubt he even cares, at all, that you two do not get along sometimes.

Dr b is a hoot. He needs a true Cinderella in his life. But he only wants a hot version of Cruella De vil. Why do I picture this man as a kid throwing up after he rode a merry go round?

I think a very slow approach to Wendy is best. You could offer an olive branch but then it might look like you agreed with how she treated you. I think a slow and careful and measured response would be best with hello, and see what happens next. Steven

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hey steve.

so sleepy. jen called me in the am n we takd for a few hrs since cassie n dominic were stuffed in a duffle bag...

or at school. i dont really care...

anyway her infant doest say boo and i realized all the times i tried to talk on the phone n kate wud scream to the point that i cudnt hear the other person..

shes supposed to return to work in 10 days already n i said u better call n tell them ur not...

we were discussing what points to get across and i said youre going to catch him off guard so just throw him for a loop peter doesnt think fast while hes talking, so say it this way...

i also told her to write the 4 diff hi lited points in the way shes supposed to say them..

she said liz i love that u calculate how someone thinks n how you look for their weaknesses..

i said i like peter there.. b/c we can out talk him easily... so she said well i cant.. then she said i think u cud out talk alot of people there..

i said uh.. maybe...

dr a kept up his whole... sit down in the doc box... liz ur too far away... why r u all the way down here? i actually was doing ok til 12 mn hit. i felt like all of a sudden... i had the flu.

my nose felt stuffy n my whole body hurt.

i blew it and gave myself a rip roaring nosebleed. all down my uniform.. and i pulled off my top (while im in the bathroom n my whole front gets covered in bloood as im frantically trying to stop the bleeding. i get a huge clot n i cant breathe from it n the clot dislodges, i try again n i get a better job done... it lasts a while..

i took some tylenol n kept trying to stay awake or stay positive but i realize im super tired.

pete the nurse is nearby n cathy another nurse asks for a saline flush - he throws it and hits me - it drops to the floor. i look up n i just bend my little finger at him to come here.. i tell him - well im sure we have understanding that ur going to take it easy on me for the rest of the night - right? he laughs n i say oh u can laugh.. as im laughing but i say im sure we have an understanding...

and he did after.

apparently extortion works.

finally i said to dr a.. why do u want me to sit there so badly?

he said i just do...

i said as we were walking you dont even like me.. why wud u want to sit with me?

he said thats not true...

we didnt talk much after that..

meanwhile dr b kept texting me, as we were able to...

hes still texting just a few minn ago.. good thing for unlimited text...

hes in disney for 11 days.. then denver for 4 then vegas for 3...

hes doing the food n wine festival... which is a good thing for u to do.. esp if u feel maybe that ur older kids can go off on their own in the same park.. (with cellphones of course.. n all of disney is on camera..) so epcot does it n u go to the countries n they set up stations n you go from one to the next eating your way thru the world which is what dr b did today.. n then they pair the food with beer/ wine....

so you didnt think our flirting went over the line?

and you shud be flirting with another man...

for some reason i wasnt surprised that he gets motion sickness...

the start date feels like freaking forever...

but.. well in a way it has nothing to do with me.. you know?

ill start a new question for you..

Hi Liz...

Wanted to let you know that I will be leaving on a ten day vacation starting later today. I will have internet access each day, but usually only in the evening. If I don't post one day you'll know why. But we should still be able to talk. I will try to answer this question on the new post....Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok steve. no problem. i hope u can find the new question.. i didnt know u were leaving on vacation..