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my sister has bipolar and has some weeks where she is very

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my sister has bipolar and has some weeks where she is very manic and is becoming very aggressive in social events towards family members. She will insult my husband and basically undermines everyones achievements whilst acting as if she has all the answers. This i can over look and shrug it off but she will also do random karate kicks which one day may hit and hurt someone and this is what frightens me as i have young children. I really just want to see my sister have some kind of balance in her life - she lives at home with mum and dad and is constantly fighting with my dad also talking negative of him on every occassion and has told us she hates him and that she is going to kill him. How much should we accept as just being words blurted out in a manic or euphoric state of mind?
Do people with bipo;ar forget an episode that they may have had?? for example - my sister told my husband that he was ugly and she repeated it about 6 times and then went on to sing "could u be the most ugliest man in the world" and all in front of a family dinner. The next day she had no recollection of ever saying this to my husband and was calling me a liar for even mentioning it. I dropped the subject quickly though but thought it very strange that she was in total denial. This lack of ownership has been much the case for alot of her negative actions or episodes.
I feel she goes too long between catchups with her doctor and think she may even not take her medication in an aim to loose some weight.
How can i become more involve without her hating me - I have a doctor i had hoped she would see but not sure if she is ready for that.
I am extremely worried that she may be alot worse if things aren't properly assessed and am not so sure that my parents are assertive enough in getting her to get the help when she really needs it. They seem to have just allowed her to take charge of it on her own though things only go up and down with no real normality in between. By that I mean she may have a great conversation with you and seem rather well but will still flutter her eyes or pass a paranoid look at someone.
What medication is best these days for bipolar patients??

Lets take the last part of your question first. Conventionally, bipolar disorder is treated with a combination of mood stabilisers - such as lithium - and anti-depressants.


Antidepressants must not be used on their own, since they can trigger manic episodes in bipolar sufferers.

As to what specific drugs in each class are used, it is often a matter of trial and error to find out which are tolerated best by the patient, and which have the best effect. We all, as individuals, react differently to any given medication.

In addition the type of bipolar disorder may also be a factor in choosing a medication. In addition, anti-psychotics may be of value, but what to choose as a suitable combination of medications is best left to the physician who is best acquainted with the individual.

Amnesia, or lack of memory of behaviour during bipolar episodes is pretty well normal.

Sufferers may have short term memory loss, or even memory loss which covers several weeks, being unable to remember what they have said or done during that time.

As to the risk of violence, about 10 to 15% of people with bipolar disorder have a violent episode, and these are often triggered by alcohol or drug use, or extreme personal stress. Mostly, they harm themselves rather than others. While you cannot totally discount threats of violence, the probability is that they will never be followed through. It is simply a matter of being vigilant, and if you fear at all that there is a possibility of violence, contact the police.

Finally, if she is not compliant with her medication, she is a much greater risk, and all the family's efforts should be directed towards making sure that she is compliant. It's also important that all of the family educate themselves as much as possible about the disorder, just as you have done. Please make sure that her parents look at the information here. It is extremely valuable.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

and if my sister appears unbalanced, as if, non compliant with medication then what action can i as her sister whom is not living at our parents house, carry out?

I have in the past called the mental health team on her when she was very unwell and that was when she was diagnosed and now if my parents try and talk to her about her illness she shuts them off or rambles some jumble to bamboozle them or threatens them with a lack of privacey love or trust. As she is living under the roof of my parents shouldn't they have a right to have control and an in depth involvement in her care? or is it my sisters right to tackle this condition on her own without family input or guidance?

I am frustrated by it because how can you say "yes i will see the doctor now because i had another episode and insulted a whole list of people" when you don't actually have any memory of ever doing so!??

how can i let her know i want to help