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I am obsessed with my ex-boyfriend. My behavior incudes stalking,

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I am obsessed with my ex-boyfriend. My behavior incudes stalking, visiting unannounced, texting and calling too much. I want to get over this obsession. I feel like I have a love addition towards him. He feeds into my emotions and then acts distant. What type of therapist should I seek help from? A pschotherapist or a psychiatrist or psychologist?

Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

When you want to find our the emotions that drive something like stalking, it is best to see a Master's level therapist or a Ph.D. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor trained in psychology. They mostly prescribe mediations, though they can do therapy. Someone with a Master's degree or Ph.D. however just does therapy.

Here is a list of credentials to help you know what you are looking for:

You want to find someone who has either a M.S., M.Ed, M.A., or M.S.W./L.S.W. These are some of the most common degrees for therapists. Other initials are usually extra certifications or licenses.

The type of therapy that would be most helpful is Cognitive Behavioral therapy. That type of therapy can help you identify your thoughts and change them so you can change how you feel. You can find a therapist that specializes in CBT or someone who uses an "eclectic" style which includes different types of therapy tailored to your needs.

To find a therapist, talk with your doctor for a referral. You can also search on line at:

You can also use self help to provide answers and help you work on your issues. Here are some resources to help:

Obsessive Love: When It Hurts Too Much to Let Go by Susan Forward and Craig Buck

How to Break Your Addiction to a Person by Howard Marvin Halpern

I hope this has helped you,


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Kate, Thank you so much. I went to a group SLLAA meeting on Sunday evening and after the session I received contact information to a Dr. Rachael Fite, Ph D that specializes in CBT. The only problem is that she is not in network with my insurance. It will cost me between $80-95 for the initial session. I am wondering if I should cancel my appt with her and search for an in-network psychologist that participates with my insurance. I would only have to pay $20 co-payment if the Dr. is in network. But She has an open appt. to see me tomorrow at noon. I feel that it is urgent because not only did I do a drive-by my Ex-boyfriends' Ex-girlfriends house and saw that his car was there. I need to stop this behavior. I am not controlling my impulsive behavior. In your opinion do you think I should sacrafice and pay the extra to see someone right away? Or do a little more research and find a psychologist in my network?

That is a difficult decision to make. You may want to base it on how much money you can spare and your need to see someone right away. Sometimes the cost of something is worth it if you feel the benefits will out weigh the extra cost. But if you do feel that you can wait, then you might feel better paying less. It may be helpful for you to make a list of the benefits and the downside of either decision. Seeing it on paper will help you decide which choice works best for you.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think I am going to cancel the out of network pschologist because of the the cost. I was able to find a masters level therapist with LCSW license and MSW degree from Rutgers. She is available on Fridat at 1pm. I believe I can wait 3 days. I will lean on my 2 friends and my sister for support to help intervene when I feel lonely or clingy.

That sounds like a good plan that is well thought out.