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Hi, ongoing but stabilsed nasty custody therapy

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Hi, ongoing but stabilsed nasty custody therapy 3 years out for about a year now.the
diagnosis for is a situational stressor there is no underlying diagnosis for a parent primary caregiver taken from the child,
and custody has been to a opposing party" who only cares about him playing the game"" will accuse him of anything".... so I have delt with the anxiety of having my daughter with her mother and the above but I recentl filled out an extensive questionaire on partner agression and found myself keening ,crying and distraught to the point where I called a help line.
Is it possible in focusing therapy on dealing with my emotional reactions to my daughters situation I completly have missed any healing for myself personaly with what happend to me as opposed to how I felt%2
Hello! Please remember that my response is for information only, we are not establishing a therapeutic relationship.

It sounds like you it's been a very tough time. I'm wondering if you have undergone a 730 Custody evaluation --where each parent and the family undergo extensive interviews, observations, testing, and the assessing party (usually a Psychologist) makes recommendations for custody arrangements?

Regardless, you might want to talk to this Psychologist, Dr. Daniel Rybicki, about your case. He is north of Los Angeles, and could give you advice or direction.

As far as your question about "healing" goes, it's virtually impossible to heal while one is in the midst of an unresolved stressful situation, which seems to describe your last three years. It sounds like you are in "survival," mode right now, which is painful and difficult. I'm sorry that this is your current situation with you --and I'm sure it's painful for you child as well.

Dr. Fee
DrFee and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks...yes on the 730..... i had no issues they didnt test the mother,,,at the time I was not a citizen......

The healing thing is the issue I now understand what I belive has been going on and reason for the constant antagionisation of myself through use of my daughter......In itself I can work to compartmentalise the two area of suffering and pehaps undrstand myown fellings from what went on better ..get some therapy on that aspect...thanks also for the I goy cancer during this beat it three years ago and won the moveaway representing myself 3 days in tral against a Beverly hill law frim so.....perhaps some acknowledgent of that to my self would help..

Wow -- you sure have been through a LOT. Patience and grace are always good things for us to apply to ourselves.

I'm not an expert on the 730, BUT it does not sound right to only test you and not the mother. That would be a good issue to bring up with Dr. Rybicki, he also evaluates those evaluations (if that makes sense). In other words, it doesn't have to be the end of the road on your 730.

I hope that you get to see your daughter (that isn't clear to me how much contact that you have) --you both need the contact and love of each other!

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