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My 21 yr old son has been to several psychiatrist in Dallas,

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My 21 yr old son has been to several psychiatrist in Dallas, San Bernardino and now 1 in Rancho Mirage too no avail. They've been condensending, or thought he was just looking for m,eds and just plain rude! He's very discouraged and just wants help desperately ffrom someonme who'll listen, care and take time to really see him through his problem and help him. Help me to help him PLEASE he needs a referral for someone in Palm Springs area or Palm Desert Ca.

Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

It sounds like your son might benefit more from seeing a Master's level therapist or a Psychologist. As you know, a Psychiatrist is an M.D. trained in psychology. They mostly prescribe medications though they can see people for therapy. If your son needs medications, he can see a psychiatrist for the medications and see a therapist for talk therapy. Many people find that combination works well for their needs.

In order to find a therapist, you can ask your son's doctor for a referral. And here is a listing of therapists in your area that can help as well:

These listings give a brief description of the therapist and what they believe about therapy, a good way to screen out those who your son may not like.

Also, here is a listing of the different degrees and what they mean so you can find the right therapist for your son:

Some of the most appropriate degrees are M.Ed, MSW/LSW, MA, MS and Ph.D. These are Master's level and doctorate level therapists who specialize in talk therapy.

When your son goes to get help, the last thing he needs is someone who treats him disrespectfully. That can cause him more distress and that is not what you want to see happen to him. It sometimes can take a few tries to find the right therapist. Try talking with them on the phone and see if they are a good fit first before making an appointment. Here is a guide on finding a good therapist:

Remember, it is a matter of finding someone that your son feels he clicks with. Everyone is different so a therapist that works for someone else may not be the right person for your son. He has to feel safe and be able to trust who he sees. So letting him screen the therapist will help him decide who he would like to see.

I hope this has helped you,

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