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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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What is esperger?my son told me he has esperger,how do you

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what is esperger?my son told me he has esperger,how do you know it is true.he is out of control in and out of prison because of drug mood change all the time no one can put up ,basically everyone is give up on him .Being his mother I would like to ask for help please help us.Nina.


I think you may be referring to the developmental disorder, Asperger's.

This is what is called a pervasive developmental disorder. Simply, it is a form of developmental problem where the person (male) lacks a great deal of social and emotional insight into his problems and issues. As a result, they often make decisions that are poor; hurt people emotionally due to their lack of insight, and generally find that people do not understand/like them.

There is treatment for this issue. Counseling is very helpful and can offer him insight into his behavior and to help him avoid these patterns. Like iron sharpens iron people with this disorder need someone to hold them accountable; tell them the hard truth, but also compassionately act as a trusted support. A counselor can do this for him and a family doctor usually can make a referral to a good one in your area.

This is a disorder that is present since childhood, (at birth really) and is not your or your son's fault. He can be tested by a psychologist to confirm the diagnosis, but no matter what it is clear he could benefit from counseling. Take heart, although a disorder that is challenging, it is not something that cannot be improved with the right intervention.

If you son is willing to get help, he can get improve his life. Steven

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

He lives in Orlando Fl. could you refer specialist of Esperger phone number please.Nina.

Although there are many therapists who help children with this issue, the ones who help adults are more rare.

But: Gregory S Meek(###) ###-####or ***** *****(###) ###-####(Orlando area) have educational and experience backgrounds that should be able to relate to your son's issues. Steven

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