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Elliott, LPCC, NCC
Elliott, LPCC, NCC, Psychotherapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 7664
Experience:  35 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, National Certified Counselor and a college professor.
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I have an issue in organizing my life, Im not a committed

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I have an issue in organizing my life, Im not a committed person, Im not punctual, recently i became very lazy, I don't want to work, Im lazy to study for my professional certificate.
I spend my time usually out and having fun but never finnish the important things in My life, in addition I have financial issue because Im addicted to spending
I have irresponsibility issue

Seeking expert counseling is a sign of strength. A personal relationship with a caring professional is proven clinically effective.

Dear friend,

I am so sorry that your are having such difficulties managing your life. Perhaps you never had the opportunity to develop self-discipline and self-reliance when you were younger, and were thus unable to form such positive routines.

Even if this was not the case, and you did have to work your way up to this point, through diligence, you have now reached a point in your life where you can no longer focus or commit your efforts, or even control your very enthusiastic social life and the spending that goes with such a lifestyle, to your detriment.

I suspect that you may be suffering from Bipolar Disorder, a mood disorder characterized by both depression and mania. Often, one mood prevails over the other, and in your case it appears to be mania.

Mania can included exaggerated self-esteem, reduced need for sleep, increased talkativeness, racing thoughts, flights of ideas, easy distractability, poor judgment as shown by excessive spending, out of control sexual adventures, bad investments, reckless driving, gambling, and so on. Depression can lower your motivation. All in all, Bipolar Disorder can explain these phenomenon, and leave you feeling that you have become irresponsible.

I strongly urge you to see a medical doctor who specializes in mental health issues, and that would be a psychiatrist.

He (or she) can fully assess you and if you do have bipolar disorder, can begin treatment to get your moods stabilised, and help you to calm down your out of control behaviour (spending and partying beyond your means), and restore your motivation and focus.

Bipolar Disorder is very treatable, and I know successful individuals (and even a prominent psychiatrist) who continue their careers and lives while under treatment, and have become quite stable, as you can.

I wish you great success.

Warm regards,

Elliott Sewell, MAE, LPCC, NCC, CCMHC

Elliott, LPCC, NCC and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


That was great even though I didnt wrote alot of details

Now, I have reports that I have to submit tomorrow and an Final Exam

and all what Im doing now is browsing online for Gays movies

Dear Mohammed,

Thank you for the kind words, high rating, and acceptance of my answer, and for your generosity.

It is a good opportunity now to focus on getting good grades on those exams. Put your energy there, even if it is a struggle, just to show how strong and resolved you can be. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Warm regards,

Elliott Sewell, MAE, LPCC, NCC, CCMHC
Dear Mohammed,
I hope you are doing well on your final exams.
Warm regards,
Elliott Sewell, LPCC, NCC, CCMHC