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Bill, LCSW, Consultant, Expert Witness
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 3707
Experience:  35 years treating individuals, couples, families with mental health and substance abuse prob's
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I have a great life, why do I drink too much?

Customer Question

I have a great life, why do I drink too much?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Bill replied 4 years ago.
Bill :

Hello- Thank you for asking the question. I have over 30 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families & am happy to reply.

Bill :

I am sorry to hear about this problem.

Having worked in the Addictive Disease field for 35 years when a person ask this question - they almost always are a problem drinker.

Bill :

Alcohol is the most widely abused drug in the world. Some people are abusers and some are addicted and are the Alcoholic.

From the limited information you have provided, I cannot say why you drink too much but I can say if you feel you do, you probably have a problem that needs to be addressed.

I am attaching detailed information on alcohol and alcoholism.

Bill :

Read and respond to me me with questions and I will be happy to help. I am also attaching a screening instrument that will give you an immediate result as to the effect alcohol is having on your life.

I am curious to know the results:

Bill :

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best, Bill

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the web pages you sent did talk about symptoms of overdrinking. not sure this really answered my question. thanks though

Expert:  Bill replied 4 years ago.
Hi Suzanne- If you click on the first link you will see:
Do you have a drinking problem?
You may have a drinking problem if you...
1)Feel guilty or ashamed about your drinking.
2)Lie to others or hide your drinking habits.
3)Have friends or family members who are worried about your drinking.
4)Need to drink in order to relax or feel better.
5)“Black out” or forget what you did while you were drinking.
6) Regularly drink more than you intended to.
(These would be the symptoms of over drinking)
Common signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse include:
Repeatedly neglecting your responsibilities at home, work, or school because of your drinking.
For example, performing poorly at work, flunking classes, neglecting your kids, or skipping out on commitments because you’re hung over.
Using alcohol in situations where it’s physically dangerous, such as drinking and driving, operating machinery while intoxicated, or mixing alcohol with prescription medication against doctor’s orders.
Experiencing repeated legal problems on account of your drinking. For example, getting arrested for driving under the influence or for drunk and disorderly conduct.
Continuing to drink even though your alcohol use is causing problems in your relationships. Getting drunk with your buddies, for example, even though you know your wife will be very upset, or fighting with your family because they dislike how you act when you drink.
Drinking as a way to relax or de-stress. Many drinking problems start when people use alcohol to self-soothe and relieve stress. Getting drunk after every stressful day, for example, or reaching for a bottle every time you have an argument with your spouse or boss.
Again- if you think you have a drinking problem, you probably do. People who don't, never ask the question.
I am happy to assist you with getting help with this.
IF what was written above didn't answer your question- please be a bit more specific so that I am clear on what you are asking.
Otherwise, I believe I have provided the answer to your question-
Kind regards, Bill
Thank you.

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