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Doctor Rao
Doctor Rao, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  MBBS,MD,DPM,MRCPsych
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Can Wellbutrin give me motion sickness?

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Can Wellbutrin give me motion sickness?
Doctor Rao : Hi are you online?
JACUSTOMER-i2m4pj5h- :

Yes, I am.

JACUSTOMER-i2m4pj5h- :

Will this cost me money?

Doctor Rao : Ok.
Doctor Rao : What do yo mean by will this costs me money?
Doctor Rao : I think you have already paid but I will not be credited until you got your reply and you accept that
Doctor Rao : Wellbutrin can cause Motionsickness.But it is an uncommon side effect and usually self limiting. We do not know yet, who would get this side effect.
Doctor Rao : If you not able to tolerate this side effect you can consider Promethazine 25 mg up to twice aily. Usually Hyoscine is used for Motionsickness but this medication is not particularly useful with the Sid effect of wellbutrin in ourexperience. Promethazine 25 mg is useful for Motionsickness and anxiety. So it is helpful. If this does not help and continues to have Motionsickness please discuss with your Doctro to consider alternative options available.
Doctor Rao : I hope you find the answers helpful.please confirm the receipt of these messages
JACUSTOMER-i2m4pj5h- :

I am not able to spin around or go on any type of circular motion amusement park ride.

Doctor Rao : Ok.hipefully as this is a self limiting side effect this should go away in a week or two
Doctor Rao : Hopefully
Doctor Rao : Hi do you need further information?if so please do not hesitate to ask me.
JACUSTOMER-i2m4pj5h- :

I have been on it for 3 years. Nothing has changed.

Doctor Rao : A sI said before it can take between a week to two weeks
JACUSTOMER-i2m4pj5h- :

Also I have a question about Seroquel and Lamictal.

Doctor Rao : Go on please ask. If I can I will
Doctor Rao : Hi are you asking me?
JACUSTOMER-i2m4pj5h- :

They are so sedating that I cannot hear my kids during the night. Can anything be done about this?

Doctor Rao : Yes. Both of the medications are sedating. What you can do is to request to split the dose in to morning and night (if not already done). If your are already taking twice daily, then please discuss with your Psychiatrist about nonsedating alternative to Quetiapine. One of that option is Aripiprazole.
JACUSTOMER-i2m4pj5h- :

Is that Abilify?

Doctor Rao : Yes
JACUSTOMER-i2m4pj5h- :

okay thanks for your help.

Doctor Rao : Ok.No problem. I wish you all the best. If you find the answer helpful,please provide positive feedback if you have a minute. Thank you again.
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