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What should I do?

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My husband says mean, hurtful things to me. He doesn't stand up for me and he tells me his family doesn't come over because of me. His family is awkward to anyone who isn't 1 of them. He screams and yells and then says I am being weird when I can't face company hours after he said such mean things to me. So I suppose they think I am rude when really I am so hurt I cant Face anyone. My husband has a bad temper and often I am scared of what that does to our 11 year old son. Do you have any advice for me? He acts like nothing happened the next day, but I am still hurt.
Welcome to JustAnswer! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. Please note, this is not therapy, but information. I do hope I can help you though. I am very sorry to hear this. No person deserves to be treated this way. Has he ever hurt you physically? Do you feel safe?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
He has never physically done anything to me. It's all emotional/verbal.
Nonetheless, it does sound to me he is being abusive and should you not have to put up with it....neither should your son be exposed to it. I believe you need to let him know that this is unacceptable behavior and that yo are not going to put up with it. Do not argue with him. Just simply tell him you are not going to allow it any more. Then do not allow it. Only you can decide what that means. My personal thoughts are you come up with a plan. If he starts it again, you let him have his rant. When you feel you can leave safely, to take your son and go to family or somewhere safe. Please understand I do not fully know your situation. Only you know how you can make this happen. Let me know if you have yes ruins, please let me know. I do want to be a help to you.
I apologize for the typos. My intentions were to say, if you have questions, please feel free to ask.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Did my question about getting strong enough to leave come through? It doesn't show up. Thanks
No, I didn't see that. Could you please repeat it? I do want to help you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
How do I get strong enough to follow through? I am scared. What can I do?
I believe you need to talk to someone you can trust. Honestly, if you can, I believe it would be good to seek counseling. I assume there is a shelter for battered women in your area. I am not saying you need them for shelter, but they could be a good source for advice and encouragement. I repeat, i believe what you are describing can be classified as abuse. You need to know what you are going to do and where you are going to go before you make your move. I believe as you develop a plan you will become more confident with yourself. I hope that is helpful.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you,
Your welcome. I hope I was a help.
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Hi! I appreciate you allowing me to help you maybe arrive at a solution the other day. I hope I was helpful. Let me know if I can help you in any other way.

John Michaels, MS, LPC