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I am really scared about seeing someone about my potential

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hi, I am really scared about seeing someone about my potential depression. For many reasons. I don't have the time or money and I really don't feel like it will help. I don't enjoy doing anything at all. I'm always tired, and have a migraine. I have a good job a supportive family (who I am not going to tell) but I still just can't bear going on. I can't even finish as I can't even do that right. Please help me find a way of moving forward.

The signs of depression do include being tired in addition crying, sadness, forgetfulness, lack of motivation, and hopelessness. As you can see you have described all of these symptoms. If you truly want to get better you have to find the time to deal with this. By being proactive you will find that you have more time because you will not feel as tired or unmotivated. You can move forward by taking that first step which is towards therapy or medication. With the right combination it will help but you have to give it a chance. You can combine medication and therapy to be a new person who has positive emotions and ambitions that lead to more enjoyment in your life. Imagine being happy and hopeful! The first step is in finding a therapist who can help you eliminate the factors making you feel depressed. You can find a state run program that charges minimal costs for therapy. This will give you support and treatment that eventually will lead you to accept your condition and minimize its effect on your life. If you want to be motivated again you have to give yourself to the process. You can be your own worst enemy unless you consider that help can be effective and be a way of changing your thought process. Please try for yourself

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for coming back to me. am scared also because my whole family are in the military and will look on this as a problem and will try and use bulldoser tactics to resolve the issue but then feel guilty not involving them. also recently have moved about 300 miles away from my family for my girlfriend as this is where she lives and although feel have done the right thing, feel like it is appriciated and me moving has been taken for granted but dont know whether this is just to do with me being down all the time and trying to find something to vent my anger at. I feel like my head is going to implode and keep tensing up with how angry am but know what at? I am not registered to a doctor yet so see anyone straight away and feel like it would just be better to end it now . can you think of anything to help me in the meantime as have really had enough

No one should make you feel guilty for just having this disorder. Your feeling down has an impact but don't all the credit for bad situations. Depression can lead to irritability and anger. That is why you should address this because it can lead to negative emotions and behavior. You should see a professional immediately if you are experiencing emotions that would lead to any behavior that will cause harm to yourself. That is never the answer. In the meantime you can go to your nearest emergency room and they will admit
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Just 2 more questions, and will be out of your hair. do you think should involve my family as although you said noone should judge me, they will but as said will feel guilty if tell them. also how do explain this to my girlfriend? want her support, but dont want her to feel like she is a carer. nor do want her to feel im being stupid and that im not being serious which will embaress me further and then definately do anything about it.

Don't feel guilty. Explain to them that you have these thoughts. There is no harm in being honest. I would explain it however you wish to. Everyone has their own way but just say what you have been feeling and that you need help. You would appreciate their support. Ask for their support but not their pity. If they feel your pain and your need for support they shouldn't see that as stupid. They should want to help you. It is not a weakness to be depressed and that is what you will get across.
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