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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
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I am in another depression, and does it mean i have a more

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i am in another depression, and does it mean i have a more specific diagnosis than clinical depression, if i always seem to have a cycle where i am depressed which gets worse then i start self harming and feel suicidal and then eventually i come out of it. but then without fail it happens again with a small gap of no depression? it has been like this for about 10 years! i have also been struggling to eat and have lost 9 kilos in a month and half.

It sounds like you have what is called a recurrent type of depression. In a little less than half of the cases of depression the depression cycle repeats. It is usually the result of a person's own biochemistry, and the periods of remission can little as a few weeks to several months.

In women, this form of repeating and cycling depression tends to be more common in the reproductive years and most typically medication monitoring, changing medications every 1.5 to 2 years is a fairly consistent approach. Some studies in the US show that 1000mg of Omega 3 each day, combined with up to 400mg of magnesium glycinate can keep this cycle more stable and less volatile. Ask your doctor. In some cases this has been a very large help as well as the use of folic acid.

Talk based support is a good idea, and the format and approach is not as key as the consistency, for with recurrent major depressive disorder the frequent bot***** *****ne for "cause" seems to be a missing gene for serotonin, and medications tend to stabilize this well...

I would encourage you to seek out another medication evaluation as the regime you seem to be taking is not as effective as it should be. But, please take heart. This is a common condition and the treatments are well established. It just seems like you have not has much success with the more routine medications. But know that there are more than ten to fifteen others that can be tried. It is a process yes, but if you continue to have these recurrent episodes it is critical to have the medications altered on a more regular basis. For my clients who did so, they experienced a good outcome. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so am i just stuck with this now then? i am not on medication at the moment, the doc wanted me to go on them again, but the last times i have been on meds they havent helped and the side effects have been bad. everytime i have therapy i discuss past problems and stuff, which helps for a bit but some of my depression is linked to my arthritis i keep needing operations and stuff which i find really hard to cope with but i had the depression before the RA so it isnt just that. the last couple of episodes have been worse and the last one ended up with me considering voluntary hospitilisation. i have two degrees in psychology so i am not stupid i know some of the factors associated with depression etc. but what i want to know is do people ever just stop having the cycles once they have had them. its been such a long time and i am so tired of the never ending crap. im kindof assuming from your answer this is not the case, as if your suggesting vitamin and mineral supplements, more psychoactive drugs and an organic chemical cause to the depression then the isnt much hope after all.

Even with all the science at our disposal the discovery of an antidepressant that works for you will still be trial and error. That is not the best news, but it is the truth. And you are right, the RA chemically complicates the treatment, although it certainly may not be the driving force of the depression as the depression existed before the RA.

I do agree with your doctor about the medication as a primary treatment, as all of the best practice research on the treatment of MDD, recurrent type is linked to medications with CBT counseling as its supportive adjunct.That methods is considered the most effective approach.

I do not want to discourage you, but I do want to tell the honest truth, even if it is not the ideal thing to hear. Yes, the recurrent type of MDD is tenacious. The odds that the cycle will repeat after the third cycle completes is over 90%. But that does not mean the symptoms cannot be kept in remission with close monitoring and medications...and we do not know each person's reaction biochemically. And many people, for reasons that we do not fully understand, do spontaneously develop a lessening of depressive symptoms as time goes forward.

I hear clearly that you are tired and sick of this cycle. But I do know that with the proper regime you can feel better. There is hope here. Steven

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