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Doctor Rao
Doctor Rao, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
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I have commenced cipramil. i was taking 10mg for 3 weeks and

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i have commenced cipramil. i was taking 10mg for 3 weeks and with discussion with my doctor, i upped my dose to 20mg 3 days ago. So i have taken 10mg cipramil for 3 weeks and 20 mgs for 3 days. today would be day 4 on 20mg of cipramil, but since breakfast this morning i have been really nauseated. i have thrown up a lot today with the nausea and just feel horrible feels like a tummy bug but im thinking it could be the higher dose of cipramil that is causing this? i dont know what dose to take tonight again? i was not nauseated taking cipramil until today and feel constantly as though i could get sick. im due to take it again now but i dont know what to do. my doctor is off for the weekend. my stomach just feels so sick :( what should i do? (ps i have been taking it at night and it was this morning i started feeling sick at around 12 midday, its now 21pm and im still feeling very sick.
Doctor Rao : Hi are you online

ya i am thanks

Doctor Rao : Ok.we do know that when the Cipramil is started or the dose increased for a short period,temporarily it has the side effect of causing is not uncommon, unfortunately we do not know yet who would get this and what dose they get this.Science is in tis infancy in this.
Doctor Rao : At the same time we can not tule out he independant whether it is tummy bug?
Doctor Rao : D you have other symptoms of tummy bug like diarrhoea,Vomitting,abdominal cramps etc

Ya exactly. I really dont know myself. I took 10mg for a year last year and i never had nausea or vomitting. Its just a coincidence, I upped my dose to 20mgs 3 days ago.I am 47kgs if that makes a difference, so i am small, maybe im not able for the 20mgs. i just have been feeling nauseous all day, and vomitting,i cant eat anything and when i move around its worse. no diorrhoea, no cramps, just vomitting and nausea

Doctor Rao : Ok.Thanks for the Info. For that weight 20 mg is not a high dose. In an ideal situation we can increase the dose without much problem. The maximum safe dose if 60 mg. Now coming to he practical step there are two ways of doing this
Doctor Rao : 1. You to go back on to 10 mg for the weekend and see how you feel.This would be the measure to see whether it is medication related or not.
Doctor Rao : 2. To consider an antiemetic like Metaclopramide 10 mg up to twice daily to help with nausea. In some countries it is over the counter drug.pelase enquire with the pharmacy.
Doctor Rao : 3. If you develop other symptoms I suggested then p,ease seek help a sit might be related with independant tummy bug.

So do you think i should just take 10mgs tonight and not continue to take 20mgs? yes an anti emetic is a good idea, i will do that and yes ill get help if i develop more symptoms

Doctor Rao : If you can get hold of an antiemitic then you can try with that and 20 mg but if you do not have a ready access yes,it might be an idea to reduce to 10 mg for few days. Reducing for few Amy's should not make significant difference for yur mood. May be on Monday you can discuss with your GP if you still have symptoms. I hope not

ok i think ill just take 10mgs for tonight as i dont have anywhere to get the anti emetic at the moment. thank you so much :)

Doctor Rao : No problem. I wish you all the best.
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