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Dr. L
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I'm concerned my -polar wife may be unintentionally abusing

Customer Question

I'm concerned my bi-polar wife may be unintentionally abusing our toddler? How do I know for sure?
I've looked for marks- none. Really I more concerned with the emotional abuse. My wife is a screamer.
She will do online personality tests. Maybe there is one that will tell us if she crosses the line with our little girl?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. L replied 4 years ago.
Dr. L :


I posted a reply to you just a bit ago. But I'm not sure you got it.

So...I will begin again.

I would like to help you with your question. I can understand how concerned you would be or your child...and for your wife.

Could I please gather just a bit more information so that I can offer you the best possible help?

First, does your wife have a diagnosis of bi-polar...or is this something you suspect? If she has been diagnosed, please let me know how long ago and if she is on medication, sees a therapist...and any other information.

Second, you say you see no marks on your what other signs or symptoms have you noticed that are alarming you?

I can understand your concern that if your wife screams that will negatively impact your daughter's growth and development. are right to be upset about this...

There are 100s of psychological tests. Some are better than others. The best are administered by a trained mental health professional. The reason being that how the test is conducted, what the test is, and the interpretation of the test results is all critical to its accuracy. An on-line test that has not been thoroughly researched may not really tell you much as it may have little predictive power.

I see you are offline right now. When you come online I will be notified then we can chat about tests, about your wife's behavior and so forth.

Thank you.