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I'm a business owner, I have to deal with cut throat people

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hi I'm a business owner, I have to deal with cut throat people and competitors.  These are my problems:

Most of the time, i can not hadle the stress & become depressed but I need to make a living. I'm kind of understand that I'm not a emotional or mentally stronger woman because I get disturbed easily and could be out of control quiet easily. At the same time, I tend to forget and forgive people so easily that they use that to take advantage of me.

people usually judge me as too simple, naive and impulsive

I usually make the wrong choice in life

Does not matter how many time i made a mistake, I cannot seem to learn from it

I want to be a wise, mature, calm who select the right choice and leave a happy and ethical life

What is the problem ? How to solve it ? thanks

I watched girls, interrupted of Jolie Angelina; This is a very interesting movie. I like the pyschologist in the movie as though there are only a few minutes of her. She seemed calm, smart, under control as a psychiatrist in helping these mential girls.

I want to be trained to have those traits so I can manage my life better. What are the best training, courses, or seminars for these training

however, I do not want to listen to nonrealistic promises or joine a cult

Hello and welcome! I'd like to help you think about some ideas for figuring out what's going on with you and how to address it.

There's a few things that stood out to me in the information that you provided.

1. It sounds like you have an issue with setting and keeping appropriate "boundaries." "Forgive and forget," might sound like a person who is caring and compassionate, but it sounds like in your situation it's that people are walking on you and you are letting them get away with it. Therapy is a great way to learn what boundaries are, how to set them, the best way to practice, etc....but you could also buy a book on Boundaries. There's a bunch on Amazon. My favorite is Cloud and Townsend's "Boundaries", because it's so comprehensive but it's written from a Christian perspective, so some are not going to like all of the scriptural references.

2. Handling Stress: I'm wondering if your work and your personality style are a good match. For example, for a person who gets their energy from a lot of "alone" time (introvert) might struggle in a job that is based on constant people contact.

The Meyers Briggs is a good test for understanding your personality, how you approach problems, people etc. The real version (you have to pay) can be found here:

You can find some "knock off" versions if you google similar terms.

3. Repeated Mistakes: You are stuck somewhere. There's many, many reasons people get stuck--but if I had to generalize, it's from an unresolved issue from the past, most often childhood. Understanding that issue and working through it often gets people unstuck --therapy is really one of the best ways to do this, where you sit down, one on one with someone who help help you focus on pertinent things to figure out where you got stuck and what is keeping you there.

I hope this helps --please follow up on any topic, like if you want help as to where to look for a therapist or whatever you want.

Take care,

Dr. Fee

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

how to get these therapies for low income people. I feel like I'm having chronic depressions

You need to either go to a Community Mental health facility (funded by your County) or a non-profit counseling center that offers a sliding scale fee.

If you want to give me your zip code, I could try to find several referrals for you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Please keep in mind that I am not personally familiar with any of these referrals or if some of them are too far for you:
There is a Family Service counseling center on this page:
Catholic Charities --says $25 to $80 per session:
Community Mental Health *****Houston, TX 77036‎ (###) ###-####
Love and Joy Community Mental Health *****Houston, TX 77047‎ (###) ###-####
There's 4 options --if none of them are feasible, they probably have lists of referral sources.
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