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My husband and I have been married for almost 12 years. For

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My husband and I have been married for almost 12 years. For the most part, we have had a good marriage. However we have had some trust issues that we are trying to get through. For starters, my husband always seem to have female friends. Normally that wouldn't bother me, but because in the past his "friends" has become more than friends on more than one occassions. A couple of years has gone by and we have even renewed our vows. Recently he had to take a job out of state for about 9 months. Although he was coming home every weekend, it was still a struggle for my daughter and I. Now that he is back home, I found a letter that he wrote to a co-worker who he told me they were "just friends". This letter basically indicated that he wanted to have an affair. I confronted him about it. Of course he made me out to be crazy. I am devasted and my 10 year old daughter can feel the tension in the house. I am ready to leave, but he is begging me to stay....again

You have to do what you feel is right - and that doesn't mean what he feels is right. You have the right to a happy home. If you feel too much damage has been done then you should end the relationship so that you can emotionally move on. If you feel that the relationship is something you would work on then find a marriage counselor in your state. Sometimes people stay too long and they don't realize that. You should have to make your decisions based on what you think your future holds. If you feel he is abusing the relationship then end it. Don't stay out of obligation. You should go with your instinct because you know him and his ways.

Think clearly about what you want and follow through. If your husband cannot respect the relationship then show him that you want one that will make you happy

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