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I am extremly concerned about my ex-wife. We were married 12

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I am extremly concerned about my ex-wife. We were married 12 years and recently divorced (still in the process) and we have 5 year old son and dual custody. My wife used to be very depressed because she was not able to find work for almost 10 years. The divorce process was very stressfull (with a few situations where I was forced to question her sanity), and for the last 6 month she was trying to live on her own. She was not able to find work, and at the same time she is not accepting money from me. She lives in almost total isolation (no friends or family). Currently she is being evicted from her appartment, and she is asking me to keep our son and her dog full time.
Her mom came here from abroad, and she lives with me, because my wife does not want to communicate with her.
She does not accept help from her mom as well.
When reaching out to me she were mentioning imaginary mafia that is forcing her to fail with everything in her life.
She also mentioned that her life is in danger, that this is her last day, etc.
She is in total denial about her menthal issues and does not want to visit specialist. She is afraid that we want to put her in hospital.
She is literally on verge of being homeless, and we do not know how to get her to accept our help. We also afraid that she could get suicidal the moment she gives me my son and dog full time. At the sime time we also concerned about my son, interacting with her in this condition. We have no idea where to go and how to get help in this situation. We do not want to lose her.

You should be concerned but there are certain restrictions especially in regard to how badly she wants help. To be evaluated in a hospital where she is forced to get help then she has to be suicidal or homicidal. Otherwise she can leave any facility on her own. A person cannot be treated without their consent unless they are suicidal. If she is to be treated voluntary then of course that can be done at any outpatient program or even a hospital. The question often is whether she has insurance. But if she is willing to get help there are endless facilities that will see her. It is very difficult to get help if she is convinced that she doesn't need it. If she is a safety risk to herself then you can call for a police escort and they can take her to the nearest hospital who will admit her to the mental health ward.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ho do I (and her mom) interract with her? It is very hard to get her to talk, and when we do, she is just constantly blaming us, and everyone around in her failures.

It would be easier to talk once her mental health is stabilized. When people are in crisis they don't do well in talking with others. Just offer to accompany her to address the deeper issue. Otherwise you are talking to someone who isn't rational
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