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TherapistMarryAnn, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Over 20 years experience specializing in anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol, and relationship issues.
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I don't know where to start. I have times were I take my

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I don't know where to start. I have times were I take my stress and frustrations out on my husband and its hurting my marriage. It could be the something small that wasn't worth getting mad about. I also lost my both my parents almost 8 yrs. between the two and I was really close to them. I have a older brother whom I was close to. He and I are no longer close since the passing of our parents. Reasons, I could talk a day about. I believe I have some emotional problems. If you can please help.

Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

It sounds like the death of your parents and the loss of your relationship with your brother has brought up a lot of feelings for you. When you suffer so many losses, you can feel depressed, anxious and anger. The feelings are usually about unresolved grief.

Most likely, you were more affected by your losses than you are aware of. In working through grief, you can become stuck in stages. Or you may feel a lot of pain that does not leave. It can manifest itself through feeling stressed and upset which you express by being frustrated with your husband. He may be the only person you feel you can show your feelings to.

It can help to learn more about how loss affects you and what you can do to work through it. There are two ways to do this, through self help and therapy. Seeing a therapist can give you a place to express your feelings and the therapist can help you find different ways to cope. Also, by learning more about loss and grief, you can find new ways to express how you feel and take care of you. Here are some resources to help:

To find a therapist, talk with your doctor. Or you can search on line at:

I hope this has helped you,

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Kate. Since I sent you the message August 18th., your response was enlightening. You did put a finger on my problem. It did make since to me. The relationship with my brother has not changed. However, I feel that he is angry with me because I was closer to my parents because I was around more. I am the youngest between us two. I prayed for an answer to his anger and turning his back on me. I have a 4 year old daughter. He has not come around for example for her birthdays or Christmas because he does not want to be around me or my husband. I am still torn up about this because my parents did not raise us to be that way.

I just want to thank you for your time and attention. I just got a new family doctor. When I get to know her a little better, I will ask what she recommends as a therapist. Hopefully, I will find one in my price range to help me. Thanks again.


You're welcome! I am glad I could help. If you're satisfied with my response, please rate me highly. It is the only way I am reimbursed for my work. Thank you! And if you experience any difficultly in rating, please let me know.

My best to you,