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I was in icu with gbs near qualiplegic. husband requested a

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i was in icu with gbs near qualiplegic. husband requested a psych evaluation and lied about my long term behavior. we were not getting along .i wass on high dose predisone and narcotics. i was too sick for a good interview. when atipical anti- psychotic was suggested i refused and i knew husband was the reson for consult. doctor said saw none of behavior husband desribed except related to my refusal to take this medication. i have opposed that medication fir older relatives, and did not want it for myself.based on 2 five mintue interviews i was diagnosed with unspecified personality disorder, my life history makes that diagnosis wrong. how can i get a second opinion, i was told this doctor does not see patients outside the hosspital.

Hello! Please remember that my response is for information only, we are not establishing a therapeutic relationship.

Is there any reason you just haven't gone to a different Psychologist or Psychiatrist now that you are not in the hospital?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am most concerned about this diagnosis in a hospital record because it may interfere with qualifying for a transplant etc.I also belive there may be relutance of one doctor to disagree with the orginal diagnosis because I belive this is seldom done in this matter.

There should not be a reluctance of the second doctor to disagree with the first.

I suggest that you see a Psychologist (rather than a Psychiatrist) and have a full Personality Assessment completed. Psychologists tend to do more comprehensive testing, including standardized personality assessments rather than just a clinical interview like a Psychiatrist does. The Psychologist can write a comprehensive report that you can use where you need to with regards ***** ***** transplant.

The concern here is regarding post-transplant care and how you will fare with that. Time is in your favor here too. A solid comprehensive evaluation and report that is current, is going to be far more valuable than a report/notes from the past.

Please follow up if you need to --especially if you still have doubts that this will help.

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