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My brothers girlfriend told me her sister was molested. She

Resolved Question:

My brothers girlfriend told me her sister was molested. She did not say who it was that did it, but she moved out of the house early because she had a bad relationship with her Dad, who was controlling. Later in the conversation, when I said "Most people are victimized by family members.". Than she said, the person who did it was like family, they were close friends of our family. But I was not sure if that was made up or not, as she did not elaborate. I would never get involved or investigate, but somewhere inside of me, I am thinking its their father. Again, I have no plans to take this any further other than to my own curiosity, but... What are the statistics of father/ daughter molested cases in terms of percentage? I can't help but suspect their father. Another one of her sisters has an anxiety condition and she had wondered if she too was in fact molested. Why would she wonder about her other sister if it wasn't someone under the same roof, I mean what are the chances? I suspect the Dad, but would never say anything.. Thanks
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  TherapistMarryAnn replied 5 years ago.
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

It is difficult to say exactly how many female children are molested by their own fathers since a good portion of them are unreported. And statistics are varied. But numbers include up to 26 percent of female children are abused by their fathers. And you can assume that if one child in the home is molested, it is very likely other children were as well.

If one of the daughter's is showing signs of anxiety or any other emotional distress/disorder, then it could be a sign of abuse. Any type of abuse can affect a child's emotional well being, giving them a chance to develop disorders such as anxiety and depression.

If your brother's girlfriend describes her father as controlling, it could be a sign that he has other issues as well. But it is very hard to tell without more information. If she was abused and suspects her sister of being abused, you can offer to help her find resources such as an abuse group or therapy. Encouraging them to seek help is a way to show support. And just listening is a great way to help her sort out how she feels. You can make a difference by just being there for her.

I hope this helps,
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