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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
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My son's friend was in a terrible accident in 2005 she has

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My son's friend was in a terrible accident in 2005 she has rods and plates and screws all along the left side of her body . As a result of the accident she became addiicted to pain meds. The meds were not working as well as they did in the beginning and she turned to heroin. The girl is a beautiful 29 year old whose parents have both died from addiction and her grandparents use as well. My question is should I kick her out of the house she is living in with my son which I own for lying to me about the heroin or let my son give her the ultimatum he has planned quit or else HELP

Heroin metabolizes into a morphine compound in the body, and apart from alcohol is considered one of the most difficult substance to quit.

She has a history of substance abuse in her family and is now addicted. If she is like most on this drug she will do nearly anything to obtain it. That means that trust is not typically something that is seen. Therefore, unless you see behaviors that show she is deadly serious about getting help, as the owner of this home you are in a serious position.

She is using this drug on your property. You know it, and probably others know it as well. Although it is tough love, she has given you little choice here. She needs to either show that she can get help, or leave. And, I would make this a short deadline of a few days (or less) and she must go. This is indeed caring for her, and no one can help her until she sees that need. As it is, the home provides an blockade to that process and in my professional opinion, as well as many who work with alcohol and other drug addictions, it is time to apply this method.

True, you will not be popular, but it is done out of love. Steven

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