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Tony, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  UK trained Mental Health Nurse. Experience in acute care, Rehabilitation and Drug & alcohol treatments.
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I have a sister who I believe needs help but is refusing to

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I have a sister who I believe needs help but is refusing to go. She has always been extremely argumentative and is very difficult to be around at times. She goes through phases where she is ok but then will lash out at everyone and take no responsibilty for her actions and then is so hurt that no one wants to be around her.
Our family history is we were 3 girls raised by my dad after my mother left us when we were aged 5-11 yrs old. She has never gone to see someone for abandonment issues and is often very cruel to my father for not meeting her emotional needs when she ws young. She is 39 now.
In the last 24 hours she has sent me 9 emails about how the family has done her wrong and she has been nohing but good to us. They were almost incoherent and i don't hink she slept. She did tell me she was in a psych unit once where they diagnosed her with bipolar and she was on meds but she is rather vague as to why she came off them. She has told me off but also has told me she doesn't know what she would do if i don't talk to her still. The rest of the family has had enough of the tirades and lack of taking any responsibilty but i am worried she's spiralling. What can I do to get her to seek help. She has a job and travels a lot but states she can't afford therapy or doesn't need it
Tony :

Hiya, My name is***** a Mental Health Nurse. May I answer your question for you?

Tony :

Hello :)

Customer: Yes
Tony :

Ok, in terms of your sisters history and having her engage in therapy to try and address her issues, there is very little I can do from here to encourage this.

It sounds to me however, given that she has a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and has been non compliant with medications that she may be having a relapse of her illness.

Not sleeping and sending incoherent emails with her behaviour spiralling out of control indicate to me this is probably the case.

You need to contact your local 'Mental Health Crisis Team'

They are community based teams who are available 24/7 to assess people at home or in the community for mental health issues that may require a hospital admission.

Tony :

If you provide me your location I can try to find the contact details for your local team

Ok, It seems as though you maybe having issues with the chat platform so I have switched to the forum view.

If you post me your location I will find your local crisis team for you, they will be able to attend your sisters address for a mental health assessment.

This is a free service and any treatment as a scheduled inpatient is also free.

I will await your response,

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
She lives in Calgary. I live in Toronto. I just spoke with her on the phone and she is at work and fine (though she didn't sleep) she has agreed to go to family therapy with us in Calgary (my dad and I are willing to fly out there) she thinks it's as much for my dad and still states she is completely justified in all her anger but I guess that's for the therapist to help us with. I don't think she thinks the bipolar diagnosis was accurate and am too scared to bring it up and scare her away from therapy. Is there any recommendations for a family therapist in Calgary that would specialize in mental health/abandonment/family conflict?
Thank you for your response. I have found an appropriate therapist local to you, His name is***** He has over 20 years experience and manages a team of private practitioners who also have Masters Degrees or Doctorate qualifications.

There is a 24 hour phone line available where you will be able to arrange for your first appointment.

The number is(###) ###-####br/>
Is that ok for you?

Thanks in advance,

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