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I take venlafaxine and lithium and had a laparoscopic

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I take venlafaxine and lithium and had a laparoscopic cholycystectomy three weeks ago. Over the last four days I have noticed I have become excessively tired, more so than when I first came out of hospital. What could cause this? My lithium, thyroid and kidney levels are normal. COuld it be an interaction with anaesthetic.
Thank you for the question.I hope you are recovering well from the surgery.
It is good to know that lithium,Kidney functions and Thyroid function are normal.Because in the scenario presented the first suspicion would have been Lithium levels because some pain killers used post surgery do effect Lithium levels.
There are no direct interactions between the drugs you have mentioned to laparoscopy surgery and anaesthetic used.
It is important to know that any life event would effect the mood in a negative way.It is more important if the life event is a negative stressful event like surgery. You might be having slight relapse of the symptoms due tot he stressful event.Please give few more days and if no improvement consider increase int he dose of venlafaxine. The safe maximum dose of venlafaxine is 375 mg per day.If you are already on the maximum dose,then the next step is to consider increase in the Lithium dose.
The coping strategies you have already tried were very good because they all do help you to feel better.
I hope you find the information helpful.
Thank you
Doctor Rao and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you.. i have noticed increased depression and irritability and I had not associated it with the surgery.

I do have some post operative discomfort from wind but nothing to worry about, however, I am frustrated that after three weeks I am not back to previous activity levels particularly relating to gardening.

I have been using a fitness app on my phone to monitor my diet and exercise and see that my diet is low in iron and calcium. No doubt this will have an effect too.

Your answer was very helpful thank you

Ok. If you noticed the symptoms independent to surgery then you might want to consider the options I have suggested with your Doctor.
In the activities and especially with gardening there would a pressure on the abdominal wall. We do know that following cholecystectomy few patients do experience discomfort and mild pain in the abdomen for few weeks (ranging from four to six).
So, you might need to take things bit slow.
If you are having diet with low iron supplements at some point please have a check of Hemoglobin to make sure the tiredness you are experiencing is not from Anaemia (In Iron deficiency anaemia,tiredness is one of the common symptom).
Thank you for your comments on my previous answer.
If you find the answer helpful,please leave a positive feedback.
I wish you a speedy recovery.
Thank you