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Doctor Rao
Doctor Rao, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  MBBS,MD,DPM,MRCPsych
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Can a person blackout with rage and depression and have sex

Customer Question

Can a person blackout with rage and depression and have sex with someone
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Doctor Rao replied 5 years ago.
Doctor Rao : Hi Are you online
Customer: Yes
Doctor Rao : Thank you. Can I ask few question? I also want you to ask you that in the process or towards the end I might give you my professional opinion which you might like or might not like but I have to be you want me to proceed
Customer: My husband started this for me bc I was with a friend and I was mad and depressed and all I remember was a man behind me
Customer: Ok sorry
Customer: Please process
Customer: I am a female not a male
Customer: Are u still there
Doctor Rao : Ok. Thanks. In that case let me clarify the question again
Doctor Rao : The question was Can a person blackout with rage and depression and have sex with someone..right?
Customer: Yes
Doctor Rao : Ok.was the depression diagnosed.when was it diagnosed? Are you on any medications
Customer: It was diagnosed in 2006 and I didn't like meds at the time
Doctor Rao : Ok
Doctor Rao : Can I clarify what was the rage about? Did you have any arguement or fight with your husband? Has similar thing ever happened before
Customer: I was mad about something at work but I was made at my husband in the morning before work. No nothing similar
Customer: I had the rage bc I thought my husband hate me and didnt love me anymore
Doctor Rao : Ok. Can you brief me the don't necessarily go in to the details. I just want to understand how this has happened
Doctor Rao : Ok.
Doctor Rao : Hello are you online?
Customer: I took a friend home from from work and we started talking about what the thing from work and then I went inside this friends home to talk and I started talking about how my husband made me mad and I started crying I felt rage and my head was spinning then next thing I know was my friend behind me have sex with me
Customer: I couldn't see straight my head was spinning and I felt sick
Doctor Rao : Ok
Doctor Rao : Do you have symptoms of low mood,low energy levels,inability to cope,lack of concentration for two weeks prior to this incident?
Customer: Yes
Customer: All of them
Doctor Rao : Now coming to the answer..
Doctor Rao : I think it is not because of Depression what you have described. The reasons being, In depression in addition to the above symptoms I have mentioned, possibly there would be Loss of libido and lack of interests. However, in Rage state one can act very irrationally. If you have some ongoing marital issues and your friend happened to be consoling you whilst you think it would be psychological support, it is possible to slip things further.If you deep down believes that your husband is neglecting you and you are not getting enough importance in the marriage sometimes it is possible to be slightly become vulnerable especially whilst discussing marital issues.
Doctor Rao : Rage can sometimes lead to a state of mind where the individual experiencing it believes, and often is capable of doing things that may normally seem physically impossible.
Doctor Rao : A person in a state of rage may also lose much of his or her capacity for rational thought and reasoning, and may act, usually on his or her impulses.
Doctor Rao : Health complicationsSome research suggests that an individual is more susceptible to having feelings of depression and anxiety if he or she experiences rage on a frequent basis. Health complications become much worse if an individual represses feelings of rage.
Doctor Rao : Hello,have you received my answers
Customer: Yes, I have a question about dysthymia?
Doctor Rao : Sure.go on
Customer: Could this situation be related? I feel as if it may be, my dr back then said it was possible I had this condition
Doctor Rao : If we tease out the symptoms it might be possible that you have symptoms of Dysthymia. The reasons being, 1.You have confirmed the symptoms I have mentioned above 2.But, you were able to work (able to get yourself to work,function etc) which indicates the daily living activities are not severely compromised which again points more in favour of Dysthymia than depression. In people who have Dysthymia (Whcih usually is a longterm chronic condition) episode of depression can occur. 3. There also seems some martial issues which can acts as perpetuating factors, by which I mean factors maintaining your presentation.
Doctor Rao : However, coming to the act specific might not be directly related to it
Doctor Rao : I hope you find the answer helpful
Customer: Depression and anger are closely related however, correct?
Doctor Rao : Yes.To some extent for sure
Doctor Rao : Becasue people who have depression gets frustrated easily compounded by low nervy levels and difficulty in seeing others point of view as well as struggle to express their point of view
Doctor Rao : This results in anger sometimes
Doctor Rao : Please do not hesitate to ask for more informationIf required.If not, and you find the answer helpful,please provide positive feedback. I wish you all the best
Doctor Rao : Hello,do you want me to be online or are you happy with the answer at this stage and have no more questions.
Customer: My husband and I were definitely having issues in communication and I was feeling very low and unloved and I felt like he hated me and was only around for our son, I had a lot of anger towards him for this and I was venting to this friend when I ended up having sex with him. I don't remember any of the details. I remember getting very angry and my head spinning and felt sick and I don't remember anything else until I came around and realized what we were doing, I feel as if this was a blackout
Customer: Yes I'm here, please continue
Customer: Hello?
Doctor Rao :

Hello, you went offline when i attempted to answer or may be some problem with the site.OK.i understand that it might be an unintentional act possibly related with the rage,secondary to the issues with your husband.Now, you can choose to put behind this incident and move forward by having an honest and transparent discussion with your husband. Or if you feel you need help to come to terms with it,please consider the option of seeing a counsellor. I hope this helps. I wish you all the best.Please do not hesitate to ask me for more information if required.Please leave a message and if i am not online will respond as soon as possible.If you find the whole discussion helpful please provide positive feedback.Thank you