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TherapistMarryAnn, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Over 20 years experience specializing in anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol, and relationship issues.
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Kate. It went well with JE tonight. She actually has her

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Hey Kate. It went well with JE tonight. She actually has her first appointment tomorrow with a therapist from linda's organization. She liked her on the phone and seems to know that If she doesn't gel with her after a while, she can go to someone else, even in the same place. She seems very motivated. Said she was nervous, but is excited to start working to get through this. The last time she went to therapy was when she was 14, & she went to several before that. she felt like the last one helped her a lot.
She talked a lot, actually, which is unlike her. But that was good. We talked about flashbacks and the shame and guilt and stuff. Breaks my heart. She told me that her whole childhood, she was worried all the time that she was going to get pregnant and her mom would find out that her dad was cheating on her mom with her. Can you imagine? Poor little thing. She was 8 when she told her mom (and only because she thought her dad was going to do things to her 5 year old twin sisters). She didn't totally understand, but understood enough to make her worried. Wow. How horribly sad.
I suggested she go back on her meds and told her that on Linda's suggestion, I went on antidepressants, etc. when I started therapy. I told her not to be discouraged if she finds herself feeling worse for a while ( it seemed she thought she would feel better right away). I told her that it seemed like nothing good was happening for a while, and then out of the blue, I noticed the guilt was about 1/5 what it had been. That seemed to give her some hope.
She said she feels guilty when she takes antidepressants, as she feels like she must be weak if she can't be happy without pills. I told her that I felt that if taking a pill could make her life even a little easier, I was all for it. I didn't tell her I didn't want to take them anymore, either. But I told her to get a psychiatrist. She asked how to find one and I told her to ask her therapist tomorrow, because she may know someone (that's how I was referred to dr. M) and if she didn't have anyone in mind, to ask her doctor fo a referral. I explained to her how I thought dr m was much more mindful of my need to function and knew so much more about what meds may treat what symptoms, etc. and also seemed more willing to try things or higher doses, if need be, since she and Linda were both monitoring things. She seemed totally open to it. Again, I was shocked at how talkative she was. She's normally very quiet. Anyway, she seems good, and I don't think I scared her away from therapy. I'm also glad she is going to a Christian.
Just wanted to let you know. She said she would call me after her appointment tomorrow.
Hi, I am a Moderator for this topic. I sent your requested Professional a message to follow up with you here, when they are back online. If I can help further, please let me know. Thank you for your continued patience.

It sounds like it went really well last night with JE! I am surprised how fast Linda's agency was able to make contact with her and get her in to see someone. That is fantastic.

It seems that this is one of those times that God has shown you how you can help someone who went through a sexual trauma like you did. He really put you in the right place for JE so she could have the chance to have someone with her while she starts healing. Your help was probably invaluable to her and made a world of difference in her deciding to seek help and in letting her know she is not alone. Just to have you to talk to may have helped her start to feel better. Hearing what you have gone through and how you handled it can make her experience so much easier.

I agree with you, it is heartbreaking that a father could hurt his daughter so much and make her suffer like she is. It was so brave of JE to tell her mother to protect her sisters. She took a big risk. I am just so glad her mother was smart and cared enough to protect her child(ren) before her husband. She is a rare parent who would do something like that. So many parents don't.

You have really helped a lot of people, Shay! Between what you are doing for A and now JE, you are changing lives. It sounds like God might be using you and your abilities in a very good way. What a blessing you are to those kids.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yeah - I'm glad she got an appointment that quickly, also. Her mom was amazing in how she handled the situation when JE told her what was going on. She casually got the kids out of the house, called a counseling center, reported it from there, and I know at least the kids never saw him again. He was arrested when he got home from work and thankfully plead out eventually, so no testimony was necessary. He admitted, in his pre-sentencing report, to molesting 15 different kids - both boys and girls (which is not very common, is it?). Uggh.

Linda called today to cancel my appointment on Monday, so I don’t go again until next Thursday. Well, I wanted to handle this on my own. Guess this is a good start, but I feel a bit abandoned, her imposing a 2 week break on me. Oh well. It’s probably good. I was becoming too dependent on our sessions anyway.

It is not as common for men to abuse both sexes, but it happens, I think more than most people realize.

I'm sorry to hear that Linda canceled on you. I imagine it is hard to not take it personally, though I am sure that is not how she meant it. It may give you some time to sort things out for yourself so you can see where you are with your progress. I'll be here too if you want to talk about anything.


TherapistMarryAnn, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 5838
Experience: Over 20 years experience specializing in anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol, and relationship issues.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It's fine. I don't feel like it is personal. She just wanted to stay in southern nm extra days b/c she said she needs to be around "green.". I don't care. And I don't need to talk about anything. I was just having a rough day already. Oh well. I will take this time to figure out what I want to do. As I said, I was leaning on the sessions too much anyway. I came home from work because I was snappy with Jamie and Austin and Jamie was pissy with me (which was already going on when I spoke to Linda anyway). I'm just going to take a map and do some work from here.

Sounds good. Some down time would be nice, wouldn't it? It may be that you just need rest. It can make a lot of difference in how you feel.

Talk to you soon,