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Where can I purchase pure and real focalin online?

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Where can I purchase pure and real focalin online?
Dr_Anderson :


Dr_Anderson :

As Focalin is a controlled substance, it is not possible to purchase it from legitimate online prescription services (even ones overseas such as Canada or Mexico) in the absence of a prescription.

Dr_Anderson :

Do you have a prescription for it but are seeking the lowest price for the medication?

Customer: No, I do not. Are there any online pharmacirs that I could buy it from?
Dr_Anderson : Greetings,
Dr_Anderson : Without a prescription, no, there are no online pharmacies which will provide Focalin as a guaranteed product. (There may be sites which do not require a prescription and promise Focalin, but it is highly unlikely Focalin is actually the product you'd get). Have you tried to get a prescription for Focalin from your doctor?
Customer: Yes, I have. And due to prior addiction history, the doctor refused to write me a prescription. I need the focalin to treat me for my depression. that is why i am so desperately searching for a way to obtain it. do you know of any pharmacies that may provide focalin without a prescription?
Dr_Anderson : Unfortunately, I do not. It may be helpful to point out to your doctor that patients with a prior history of addiction actually have a better outcome WITH ADHD treatment than without it.
Dr_Anderson : It actually makes sense - untreated ADHD can lead to impulsive actions and reward-seeking. This can include substance use.
Dr_Anderson : If ADHD is treated, and successfully so, the drive for illicit substance use is lowered or taken away completely.
Customer: Okay, so I agree. So my search to obtain focalin is valid? Do you know ofany pharmacies that provide real focalin with an online prescription?
Dr_Anderson : Yes, your search for it is very much valid. It may be a good idea to get a second opinion since your current doctor is unwilling to consider that you have a legitimate need. Here are some links to online pharmacies and their reviews:
Dr_Anderson :
Dr_Anderson :
Dr_Anderson : There are Canadian pharmacies which will ship and from which you can order. In my search for Focalin online, I ran across MANY websites claiming to sell it without a prescription - but the sites were all dubious, at best.
Dr_Anderson : I hope this helps! I'm sorry you have to struggle so much to get this, but I am confident you'll be able to get the help you need, even if with a different doctor!
Customer: Which Canadian pharmacies? Any websites you know of?
Dr_Anderson : I will look - I have some patients who use online Canadian pharmacies for their prescriptions, since it is cheaper. The ones I have looked at generally have said they do NOT do it because the meds are controlled, but I'll keep searching...
Customer: Ok. Thank you. When wil you get back with me?
Dr_Anderson : Still looking, I have not found one yet (CanadaPharmacy is the big one, but they said no to Focalin)...
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