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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
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my ex girlfriend / girlfriend says she doesnt know what she

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my ex girlfriend / girlfriend says she doesn't know what she wants but she wants us ? to see each other no pressure and see what happens but feels she must first experience dating ? before we move on hopefully?


Could you tell me a little more about this situation? How long were you together before you separated? What is the status of the relationship now? How often do you see each other? You broke up I gather...what caused it? Steven
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
we were together for 15 months, i am an alcoholic, 6 weeks free of drinking, that is the reason we split ,she started seeing an older man after one week,he was there when i was not, my fault, but now we see each other, slowly i hope she will get back with me, she says she has finished with other guy i think she has

Women think and function very differently in relationships than men. Although she was hurt by your actions, and she left you for a time, it is very clear that she still has feelings for you. If she did not, she would not have agreed to see you again.


She has been emotionally injured by what happened between you. As a result she is going to be very cautious and will not be agreeable to simply starting the relationship back where it was. Instead, she has elected to wait and see what happens with you and how you act toward her and with your addiction.


If you maintain your sobriety and you stay focused on what you need to do to get better and you are willing to let her go at her own pace, slowly...I have good reason to believe that, professionally speaking, your relationship will not only survive, but grow.


Had she been so angry and hurt by you that there was no hope of repair; typically, most women will tell you directly and with their actions. Here she returned to you. That is an excellent sign and as long as past mistakes are not repeated this relationship has a very good chance. Steven

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