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DR ANDERSEN ONLY- thank you for the indepth answer to by

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DR ANDERSEN ONLY- thank you for the indepth answer to by questions
I started Doxy at 50mg 2 x per day . Usually its started at 100mg x 2 day.
I think my doc wants to see what happens and makes sure I'm ok with it.
First day - thurs 9am doxy - mild indig, rib soreness, blurry vision that comes and goes (THIS BLURRY VISION comes and goes - has been since) pins . NEXT DOXY was 6PM - At 4am heavy sweat and 93/85 p94 then 2 min later 93/80 p75. IS THIS HERXING or not yet???? Friday mild chest pains, trembling, sore back, itchy skin on back of legs...Day 3 - metallic taste in mouth, burning passing pains in legs, chills, sneezing flashing whie lights, extreme thirst 5am 6am congestion blurry vision (passing) SAT - swollen jowls, chills fever sore in mouth....SUN - passing sore throat. AM I HEXING AT ALL? what do you make of it? I am on a sub dosage level???? Margo
Dr_Anderson :

Greetings! A lot of what you list are consistent with this phenomenon - low blood pressure, increased heart rate, aches and pains...the metallic taste has me a bit concerned that you and doxy may not be getting along. A metallic taste can happen as a normal side effect with some medications, though, so very close monitoring is in order. If ANY of this this gets worse, I'd call your doctor immediately. Better conservative than nonchalant, I think!

Dr_Anderson :

And yes, you are at a lower dose, but this is a good idea from your doctor, to work your way up to it - especially since you are having such a rotten time with the lower doses.

Dr_Anderson :

Hang in there!


Hi Dr Andersen: The metallic taste passed after one day and hasn't repeated. Had that before - on and off with with


loraz withdrawal.

i am ending this and will write new question. something wrong with technol

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