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I have a niece who is anorexic. She has been for the last 4

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I have a niece who is anorexic. She has been for the last 4 years. She is 18 years old and very bright. Tiffany just graduated from high school in Sarasota, FL and was accepted ED to Duke and also to UCLA.

Her mother died when she was hit from behind by a drunk driver in January. Tiffany has been in various treatments and was just recently released from 5 weeks at UNC in patient in May. She was forced to put on weight and got up to 96 lbs. She is 5'2". She was supposed to be transferred to UCLA but since she is over 18 she refused to be admitted. I should add that she was admitted into UNC under her father's court guardianship.

She went to a psychiatrist in LA and then we agreed to let her go to the camp she had attended as a child as a counselor thinking that being in a structure environment with regular meals and responsibilities she might snap out of her depression. Tiffany couldn't complete 2 weeks before she was sent home. She refuses to be treated for her eating disorder and to be weighed.

We are at a complete loss since she won't go in-patient and had been admitted to ERC in Denver and escaped from there twice. I am her aunt and having been trying to help my brother. Tiffany and her deceased mother were completely emeshed and the loss of her mother has been a devastating blow on top of an already severe illness. I suspect she is in the 80s now.

She's going to have to be committed to a eating disorder program with good therapy that is a lock down unit so she can't escape. UNC had such a unit but did not have extensive therapy

QUESTION: DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A HIGH QUALITY HOSPITAL IN PATIENT EATING DISORDER PROGRAM (that does not mix general psych patients) THAT IS A LOCK DOWN SO SHE CAN'T ESCAPE. Also that will take an involuntary patient.

Hello! Please remember that my response is for information only, we are not establishing a therapeutic relationship.


I called a very highly rated treatment facility for eating disorders, Timberline Knolls, ( and asked about involuntary admission and locked units for eating disorders. The person I talked to said she did not believe that what you are asking for (eating disorder --only locked program).


This is what I suspected --that in order for you to do an involuntary admission you need to go general psychiatric.


Is she in the LA area now? I really like this particular hospital (Pasadena) a lot:


The facility is extremely nice and the treatment is excellent --even though it's general psych., perhaps it might fit more of what you are looking for.


If she's not in the LA area currently, perhaps I can help you find something similar to it where she is currently located.


Let me know ---


Dr. Fee


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. Tiffany is in Sarasota, Florida. But we will take her anywhere in the country. UCLA has an adult ED unit but it is not lock down and they will not take an involuntary patient. CA is patient friendly and will only commit an involuntary patient for 72 hours. I live in LA and that's why we tried patient to patient admission to UCLA. Tiffany got to the floor and refused to be admitted.

Univ of North Carolina hospital took her for 5 weeks and they have an adult ED lock down but their therapy was not good.

I would appreciate any in-patient referrals . All of her psychiatrists recommend that. We tried to get her into a residential treatment program, Monte Nido, and they turned her down saying she needed in-patient.


This one looks promising and it is in Florida:


And look at this one described as "acute care" for ED: It's in Denver



I will look some more, by the way, but I wanted to get these 2 to you quickly ----





Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX admitted to Eating Recovery Center, in Denver and signed herself out AMA and then I flew to Denver to get the police to take her back. She escaped 24 hours later and flew to North Carolina. There we had her arrested again and sent to UNC hospital. So you can see the need for a lock down facility.

Denver looks good. If you can find anything else that would be great!,


I'm sorry if I gave you the same facility from where she escaped from!


It sounds like the State Hospital route(or something similar) is the way you are going to go then ---


That's a link to Sarasota Memorial Hospital Acute Care Unit.


Here's a link for the State Hospital System in Florida:


If you want to go for the "highest ranking" psychiatric hospital --that would be Johns Hopkins


Here's an article rating the best hospitals as decided by US News




I hope these links help!!!


Dr Fee

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