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I have a sister who is almost 50 years old living wiht my

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I have a sister who is almost 50 years old living wiht my mother and ios paranoid. wiht her Illness she s not always compliant nad the police are involved. se refuseds treatment in a locked facility and she has PTSD - however she has hit my mother a few times and I am afraid for mom mothers safety!


Sorry to hear of the situation. Can you tell me if she has ever received a diagnosis of a specific Psychotic Illness? When you say she is currently paranoid does this mean that this is something that comes and goes in episodes? Do you know if she is currently compliant with her medication? Do you happen to know what she is prescribed?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi she is prescribed many different medications. Sorry about my typing. She has been diagnosed as paranoid with dellusions ( just this past february) however she usually gets better with med management. (she takes her midication like she thihks it shouldbe prescribed nad is in fog at times) however I know she has pain meds as well for fibromyalgia. She has had this paranoia before but this is about the third time and it is lasting a lot longer than I remember in the past. she is verbally abusive and physically abusive to my mom and she blieves someone( her x boyfriend ) is coming into the house at night and stealing paperwork- and things that are very unusual. the police are aware as she calls them almost daily ot report things missing. she thinks all her computers and phones have been "hacked into". IT is so complicated - however the bot***** *****neis my mom is 70 years old she is almost 50 and she is also very very smart. She is very munipulative and does not belong in jail but she neds help. she has her own house nad will not go there! We have had an IEA on her in the past and I just am at a loss now- My parents are not helping her get better it just gets worse, and at night she excalates as well . Her psyciatrist is very rude to her and I know this for a fact as I have seen him with her before. It is so tough. and she is so complicated. but again very smart and munipulative -


Sorry for the slow reply, I lost connection to the internet. Just to clarify, I assume that IEA means Involuntary Emergency Admission (or something along those lines, there are many different acronyms used across various geographic regions)? Is her Psychiatrist aware that she is currently in a (potential) psychotic state?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes he is aware! He has been seeing her like this for months now! this started in february-I believe he is aware she has hit my mother( i did not tell him and I am sure she, Kelly, did not either. My mom set firm limits with kelly about touching her, or hitting her agan as she is afraid that something might happen to her if she is alone at her house as she is not stable.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

yes IEA / IEH is correct. Thank you!

Ok. From your brief description it seems highly unusual to me that she would remain out of hospital if her Psychiatrist is aware that she is Psychotic. What were the circumstances of the original IEA? I'm assuming it was a similar situation, why has she not been placed into treatment at this time? Psychosis is clear grounds for admission (hence the original IEA) is it a case that her condition is not being acknowledged by the Psychiatrist and/or the authorities? When was the last time she was reviewed by any kind of medical professional?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I am not sure of the last time she was sen I would have to ask my father. Her caseworker quit on her as kelly is difficult ot deal with - my mom is so overwhelmed I was just talking with her to cakll her new therapist ans she is just so worn out she can noteven talk ot me on the phone wihtout kelly following her around. they siasd to us in february that if she does not go into the hospital herself that they can ntot keep her .however she has hurt my mom and now is a threat to others. my mom does not have the strength to do any of this as you then have to go to court etc. it is a lot on my mother. I will call her dr. myself and let him know my mom just told me she thinks her x boyfriend came into the house nad shot her up wiht heroin. it just gets worse and worse and I am at a loss. my mom is beated downadn tired. You have been fantastic thanks for helping me.


When a family member is experiencing a serious psychotic break it is far more than any family should be forced to deal with. If she is currently Psychotic then she should be hospitalized ASAP. It sounds like your parents are not getting the support they need and so the best strategy will be to now try and engage other services to help your parents deal with your sister.

My first recommendation is that you find out whether there is a way to bypass her Psychiatrist and get her assessed immediately and potentially another IEA activated. Hopefully there are emergency Psychiatric assessment services in your area and there are two organizations who should be able to put you in touch with this kind of service if it exists in your area. You can contact Mental Health America here and the United Way here. These two organizations help people engage available services in their area (amongst other things) and they will be able to tell you if there are emergency assessment services available in the area. If there are you may be able to have an assessment team go out to the house, assess her and take her to hospital (involuntarily) if need be.

My second recommendation is that you or your parents contact the National Alliance on Mental Health here. NAMI are a consumer organization that provide extensive support services to families of individuals suffering from a mental health problem. The sole purpose of this enquiry would be to see if there are resources/services out there to help your Mum & Dad cope with all of this.

I hope these contacts are of some help. If you have further questions or would like me to elaborate further on any part of my answer please let me know. Best of luck!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for you information and time! I will let my mom and dad know of whatis going on and how to get further help for the family as well. Thank you again. This was very helpful, have a wonderful day.

You are more than welcome. Best of luck!

Hi Kristin,

Was my answer helpful? If so, please select accept. If not, let me know and I'll opt out of the question and open it up for the other experts.

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Hi Kristin,
I hope your parents have made some progress in getting some help with your sister. If I can be of further assistance, or if you ever have other questions in the future please don't hesitate to contact me directly.