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Kate: I don't mind being the one to report. We're trying to

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I don't mind being the one to report. We're trying to get things together, see who is willing, etc. I think everyone will be willing. But p is going to talk to J tonight to hear things straight from her and see what she feel comfortable with.
My appointment with Linda went okay. Spent most of the time filling her in on C and A and J. She wanted to take what I wrote with her, so I said okay. We are going to work on the whole issue about being tied to the mean one. But she also wants me to go through and read her notes again re: the telling and just write whatever comes to me. We didn't talk about much today but I felt sad. She had asked at th outset if our next appointment could be next monday, because her daughter and grand kids are coming in and they're going camping. I told her that was totally fine, but at the end she said she was pretty sure they would be back by late afternoon Thursday and wanted to keep our appointment Thursday. I told her it was totally fine. She said she didn't want to make me have that much time between sessions. Do I really come across as that needy and pathetic? I wasn't crying or anything at all today. I was tired. She said I had the "sad look " and i said I was sad. Does that indicate that I can't make it a week without therapy?
I think I'm just tired and stressed about A and being overly sensitive.
Thanks for all your help this weekend, Kate.

You're welcome, Shay. I was very glad that you contacted me to talk about A. The situation was very distressing and hard to hear, even from my perspective. I could not imagine the stress you were feeling trying to figure out ways to protect A and deal with her father, not the mention the shock from seeing the father's abuse.

I am glad to hear that you feel most everyone is willing to help report the situation with A. That should really help get more attention on her situation and hopefully, end her father's involvement.

It's good that your appointment went so well with Linda. It sounds like the two of you are really making a lot of progress.

You do not come across as needy or pathetic at all! You are at a difficult time in your recovery and along with what you just went through with A's situation, Linda just may have felt that you needed to talk. When you think about it, you are coping with two very stressful situations- one with A and the other working on feeling tied to the mean one. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by just one of those things. Linda probably saw both those things and felt the need to be there to support you. And it is normal at times in your life that you need more support than at other times.

Have a good day. Let me know if anyone makes any progress with A's situation. I am still praying for her and hope that this works out. I'll be back later tonight to check in.

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