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Steven Olsen, Therapist
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What type of therapist do I need to help me transition into

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What type of therapist do I need to help me transition into the world after living and being raised LDS/mormon? I have tried support groups but feel that I am just leaving one group for another.

Good question.

Transitioning from a group where there were serious consequences for thinking and saying the "wrong" thing can be very hard. Many therapists do not realize the pain and confusion that this type of change can bring.

The best practice answer here is to see an individual therapist who is trained in what is called interpersonal and cognitive behavioral therapy, often called an integrative approach. This method utilizes not only your thoughts, and helps you sort out what your own thoughts are vs. what was placed there by a also looks at your feelings and the consequences of this exposure in terms of self esteem and self value.

How to find this type of therapist? One of the best and easiest resources is this one: This link allows you to search by city and region and when you have a list, phone calls are in order, asking what the therapist's orientation is and if they practice using an integrative approach.

With this support you should feel better and be able to show solid improvement in due order. My personal best to you. Steven

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
this type of therapist can help with cult groups? I hate to use that term but somehow believe it true. Delt with the faith and wanting to leave since I was 8 and fought the control badly at 12. Still have control over me and I am scared my dad is going to come and get me. I just want to be an individual and didn't realize how hard it is to be apart of the real world. Can they teach me the skills to exist as an individual? And break control of my blood family without hurting them as well as standing up for myself as an individual from my church family. If so I will check out therapists in my area.

Yes, this type of therapy will allow you to deal with the thoughts and feelings that have been accommodated into you. It will allow you the ability to think through and feel what you truly feel and think, rather than what has been placed into you.

It will take some time to do all that you desire, but yes...this process can help you stand on your own.

My own beliefs place LDS into the category of a cult and I know of people, like you, who went against the grain and were placed under an incredible amount of psychological pressure. Counseling can help the process of counter conditioning that you feel you have faced...this can get better.

I know you are frightened, but this is a great first step and I strongly encourage you to see the help I described in our first post. Steven

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