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Dr_Anderson, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Psychiatrist
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They want to increase my anti psychotic is this wise?

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They want to increase my anti psychotic is this wise?
Dr_Anderson :

Greetings! I thought you were on two of them? Which one do they want to increase, and to what dose?

Customer: I am on saphris and seroquel and they want too crease the seroquel to 400/300/400 with the saphris at 10/10.
Customer: Ill be sleeping all the time!
Customer: Ive refused them all today in protest! I can do that? And I have spit them out too!
Customer: I think my main line of defense is to spit them back till they go away!
Customer: Rozerem makes me tired and the mini press too
Customer: Hmmm... The weekend and it's hotter than lava here. So a boat ride is out they say maybe tonight if it cools down like that's going to happen it only got down to 81 last night. All I can do is sit in the window box and pout, lol. Or run up and down the stairs for entertainment til Ron runs out of gas following me around like a monkey. TV and cards get boring I'm ready to go to Vegas and turn pro. I'm quite the poker player now, I've amassed a fortune in pennies! If I could just talk the guys into a road trip, they are laughing.
Customer: Now I'm a backgammon champ just like in years past, it's my favorite game! The trick is to make them think they have a chance of winning. It's like riding a bike, you never forget.
Customer: The temp is better here today I think the heat is now torturing the east coast. Maybe I can go outside today. I have one new nurse named Andrew he is very nice and sings karaoke to me , he is very funny. It gives Todd a break and he really needed one, he said he was fine but he couldn't go on forever. He will be back soon and even though I like Andrew and he's fun I still miss Todd. Ron still stays until Todd gets back then Andrew and Todd will stay for a couple of weeks at least, Ron was recently married and like Todd feels guilty taking time off but I demanded they did and what am I going to do escape, lol.
Dr_Anderson :

Greetings - well, it depends upon the increase they want to make; I

Dr_Anderson :

am not sure of the current doses of both of those, but if you are having a lot of breakthrough symptoms or mood instability, increasing would be reasonable.

Dr_Anderson :

Yes, those two medications do tend to make a person very tired, but some of my patients note that the fatigue factor goes away when you've been on them for a while...

Customer: It's an increase in the seroquel from 300/300 to 400/200/400. I am on a mood stabilizer. He says I am having too many break throughs. I just don't want anymore meds u know. Would it be much different without any meds?
Dr_Anderson :

Well, while that is a notable increase (almost double), it looks like your psychiatrist is worried the medication at the current dose is too "weak" to control the breakthrough symptoms. So, he is piling on the dose now to control the symptoms. He can always decrease the doses later back to a maintenance level.

Dr_Anderson :

Yes, I do think it would be different without medications, but in a bad way - hang in there, Sami, I know this is rough, and that you are miserable, but as we have discussed before, it will get better!

Customer: How can it get better if I don't find out what it is like without them that's what I'm doing now. I can tell it upsets them but I need to know. What if I'm fine and normal off them and the meds are causing these nutty voices. I've been hearing bob euchre ( poor spelling) the old sportscastor telling about a woman giving birth on a motorcycle. Very strange.
Dr_Anderson : Yes, hearing Bob is strange, in any fashion...while I have heard of some patients actually having psychotic symptoms from SGA's, it is usually pretty rare. And, you have been off of them before and not done well at all, correct?
Customer: Well yes I guess you could be right. But I do get tired of relying on them. Might I always need these
Customer: horrible meds? Can one handle life without them and with psychosis? Can I learn to do that?
Customer: How bad is it to drink etoh if I don't take the meds will it really hurt anything. It's the one thing they haven't found all of yet and I miss it. I've refused to swallow my meds for the third day I feel like I'm winning. Even if your right how bad could it get?
Dr_Anderson : It could get very very bad. They are not the enemy, Sami, the depression is. The meds are but one weapon, imperfect as it is, to combat that dreaded beast.
Customer: What kind of bad?
Customer: What do you mean?
Customer: Why do they feel like the beast now? They used to be my friends now they just smile and behave like they are friends trying to make me do things I don't want and telling me they don't hear them, and not to worry that it's going to be fine. Fine, ugh!
Dr_Anderson :

By "it" I mean the depression, your symptoms, the hallucinations, even the nightmares. They have been plaguing you, and I fear they would do more so if it were not for the medications.

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