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What drives people to like watching fights and violence? I

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What drives people to like watching fights and violence? I don't think TV, music, or video games have anything to do with it because centuries before these things were invented, The Roman Coliseum in Rome, Italy would get packed with people wanting to see gladiators fight to the death. What drives people to like seeing things of this nature? Thank you.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
People like violence for many reasons. Part of it is because we can distance ourselves from what is going on. As long as it is happening to someone else, we feel safe. It's a protective barrier we put between ourselves and the outside world, especially when it comes to violence. We think that if it happens to someone else, that means it won't happen to us.

Also, violence excites. It can make someone feel alive. To see something violent but be safe from it's effects makes us experience the adrenaline that comes with danger but not be exposed to the possibility of getting hurt, the natural consequences of violent behavior.

But watching violence and being ok with it can also turn dangerous. Part of us can dehumanize others and make them seem like objects rather than real people like us. For example, the Nazis saw Jewish people and others as non human. They took their beliefs about certain groups of people and made those people represent those beliefs rather than seeing them for who they were as humans. And the group mentality that joined the Nazis together made the beliefs all the more plausible because many agreed with the beliefs and few stood against them. That made mass murder possible. This group belief mentality also occurs in wars, making the violence seem to have purpose and focus.

Violence like 9/11 and war can also join people together. It took violent acts to unite America, which in a way provides a good result from violence. While no one would say that 9/11 or war are good things, the results of the violence ended up making a lot of good happen.

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