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Dr. Rossi
Dr. Rossi, Psychotherapist
Category: Mental Health
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Rossi, I heard my bf get a text and i looked it was from his

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Hi Dr. Rossi,
I heard my bf get a text and i looked it was from his gf that he moved out from and it said I guess you didn't get to the bank today. i showed it to him and he said she thinks she is entitled to money but he is not giving her any money since he moved out and did help her for 3 months as he said he would. I got upset and he said he would email her and a tell her it is ove for good and send it to his atty also and send me a copy. He said he can't close that account down because he owes money to close the account in Chicago. he did write a check from it to a friend when we were in Chicago last weekend. I am confused. What is going on? He said it is over and that she is stalking him.

Hi Judy,

She could be stalking him. He could be telling the truth. He can open an account in any other bank where he's residing now. If he does not put any more money in the account in Chicago, that account would just sit open in the negative or with whatever $ is in it now.

How are things going on w/ you otherwise? Did you ever find that title?

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No, we brought more paper work to go through today. I just had the car worked on but will tell him I can't drive it without the registration which i can get once i get the title. I will leave it at my son's house with his dad. Wouldn't you think the bank he owes money too would take it out of his acct if money was in the acct. to cover his debt, if so how could he write a check to someone let alone transfer money to her acct. On his checks is only his name.

He is waiting on a patent and it could be very rewarding. We have gotten very close and he knows my past is making me insecure but I told him he is the master and he will handle this with his ex. he wants to go to Tenn, if this patent goes through and take me with him.

I pretty much live with him but still have my apartment.

Yes, you'd think the bank can resolve this one way or another. You could ask to see a statement from his bank.

It sounds like things are moving along the lines of how a relationship ought to be. He is not in Chicago anymore even if that woman is stalking him. He has to deal w/ her.

You can still be cautious if certain things don't sound or seem right as long as you know you're not displacing something from the past relationship onto him. And you've been mindful as he knows about how that relationship had hurt you.

It is important to keep your communication open. Even if there are difficulties, as long as both of you are open w/ one another, these can be overcome. Even problems are temporary.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
You know he did get defensive when I went out to his car to talk to him when he was leaving for work. he compared me to her and i saidI wasn't yelling just talking, he had to aggree. I am not like her. He was very generous with her and he said he never told her that he loved her but she badgered him to give her money. i can see this is stressing him out. He said the houe was bought with his money but is in her name. He has to let it go. He said he is and that he left because he didn't want to stay where he wasn't wanted. Before he said she kicked him out...bla bla bla. it is up to him. Do you think they could still be together... I dont' see how?

It could be the stress affecting him in what he said to you. It is doubtful that they're together if things were unhealthy and he moved his belongings and relocated. You have to go by tangible things- what he says, does and how he is towards you.

It is up to him in regard to how he copes and what he does hence forth. Hopefully he's occupied w/ his patent and other endeavors and you get enough and healthy attention from him.

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