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Dr_Anderson, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Psychiatrist
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FOR DR ANDERSEN ONLY - July 2 2012 BIG BIG FAVOR- q1can you

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q1can you find out if Dr Robert Bransfield of RedBank NJ is empirically diagnostically inclined regarding Lymes.?

q2 Also does Dr Cameron, Mt Sisco NY - fuse clinical analysis

q3-something about ILLAD guidelines...which follows Don't undthem- or do both?

Q4Do those guidelines mean they will consider clinical

So sick I don't know what I am reading... Need your help to route me correctly.

Hi, I am a Moderator for this topic. I sent your requested Professional a message to follow up with you here, when they are back online. If I can help further, please let me know. Thank you for your continued patience.
Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Dr Andersen--Its margo - with lyme /lorazapem issues different question-ignore above: - Q1-does Lorazapem - have side effect of pin pricks in joints of fingers. Woke me up from dead sleep. These pin pricks occured few months ago. Not sleeping on area. Also have pricks thru daytime. Last taper was 11 days want to rule out any withdrawal or lorazapem effect. Q2-Should this be on lyme suspect list? Q3- Setting appt with Dr Cameron who treats lyme via ILLAD- clinical plus lab diagnosis.
Did your account get hijacked?
Ok, the questions above sound like you, so here we go. :)
(1) Typically, pin-prick sensations is not part of Ativan withdrawal. That sounds like it could be something else, such as a Vitamin B12 deficiency, blood sugar problems, or arthralgia.
(2) Pin-prick sensations per se are not a usual Lyme disease presentation, but joint discomfort or pain certainly is!
(3) Good! If Dr. Cameron opts not to treat, you can feel confident Lyme is not seen as a credible threat to your health.
Dr. Anderson
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Its margo regarding lymes/lorazapem

By your answer, I see I am not clear. First I have NOT seen Dr Cameron yet. He treats based on symptoms not lab results. Scared to get treatment I don't need.

Thinking of going back and having lyme test repeated before going to him. I never had the 6 bands and the docs won't treat me. Dr Cameron was referral from psychiatrist (i am iffy about)

. My psychiatrist says pinpricks, severe agitation and passing joint aches = lyme.

Q1 - Is that true - I heard people are sooo debilitated with Lymes.

Q2 How else except retaking test can I tell that my malaise is withdrawal related not lyme.

q3 Don't want to take antibiotics unnecessarily- extremely dangerous right?

q4. WHAT IF I GET THOSE ANTIBIOTICS unnecessarily? What problems can occur?

q5 I am at 1.25mg lorazapem and have not decreased since 11 days. Cognitive problems, pin prick sensations, sleep issues. ---


q6- before seeing dr cameron - should I get retested at stoney brook for lyme?.

q7- the pins and needles are in my joint fingers. Is this classified as joint pain?

q8- most importantly, by waiting longer before next dosage drop on lorazapem - does sleep improve?

I will compensate accordingly - know I've asked alot of questions. Your huge fan....just try and give me some direction please. Scared to take drugs don't need, yet scared to wait if I do.

Your advice and expertise is appreciated. Margo

By the statement on Dr. Cameron, I was speaking in the future tense - if he opts (in the future, after you have been seen) not to treat, you can feel much more confident that Lyme is not a problem.
(1) Some people can get quite debilitated, others not. My neighbor was wiped out by it for about 6 months. Other people get some fatigue, but that is about it. Regardless, the earlier it is found and treated, the better.
(2) Well, Lyme is one test, so is the TSH, CBC (to look for anemia), B12...these are all markers of potential medical problems which lead to malaise. The only way to know for sure it is not Lyme, though, is to retest. This is at least in part because fatigue itself is an extremely sensitive but non-specific symptom.
(3) Depends upon the antibiotics, but the ones for Lyme are relatively benign compared to others, although there are some restrictions which may be necessary (like avoiding prolonged sun exposure). If we look at it from a different angle, Ativan is just as dangerous!
(4) It depends upon the antibiotic. Typically, the side effects are the only thing that would potentially happen.
(5) It is possible to have lingering effects, yes, because the last bit of Ativan is the hardest to come off of. The only real way to know for sure is to attempt another dose decrease and see if those symptoms worsen (or even get better).
(6) Not a bad idea, that way you will have several data points with which to compare, and so will Dr. Cameron.
(7) Yes, anything that is pain in the joint is considered joint pain, or arthralgia to be specific. Arthritis is joint inflammation, but there does not have to be pain. So, arthralgia can occur with or without arthritis, and vice versa.
(8) Sleep will probably improve because the withdrawal symptoms will get better, but then it will probably become broken again when the next dose reduction occurs. :(
Happy to be of service, in what little capacity I can! Hang in there, and thank you for the questions. :)
Dr. Anderson
Dr_Anderson, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 335
Experience: Psychiatrist
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