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Doctor Rao
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Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  MBBS,MD,DPM,MRCPsych
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I have been taking lamotrigine for 18 months. Up until two

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I have been taking lamotrigine for 18 months. Up until two months ago I was taking 400mg per day.

Since my mood was very good at the time, I decided to drop it to 200mg.

Recently my mood has hit an all time low so one week ago I increased my dose back to 400mg. Four days later I started suffering itching (no rash developed). Today I reduced my dose to 300mg and the itching seems to have stopped.

If I stay on 300mg will the itching return?

In the event that I do have to stop taking lamotrigine, can I start taking it again in the future?

Doctor Rao : Hi, Yes. Hopefully ithe itching might not return at that dosage. If the itching comes back, you need to with hold the lam intrigue and speak to your Doctor at the earliest. If you have to stop taking at some point you might be able to back on to it but very gradually and would have to be regularly monitored by the Doctor. If you develop Rash at any stage please Stop Kamitrigine immediately and speak to your Doctor. If it is out of hours oncall GP or A& E would be appropriate to make sure it is not one of the serious type of rash. Thank you
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