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Dr_Anderson, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Psychiatrist
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Sami is back home, dr Anderson she is full of questions

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Sami is back home, dr Anderson she is full of questions

Dr_Anderson : Glad she is back home! She is free to ask away, but given there were a lot of questions and feedback offered without accepts, I may need to limit my responses!
Dr_Anderson : Regards,
Dr_Anderson : Dr. Anderson
Customer: A little info before I let her talk. She is angry as we are having to watch everything she does. After coming home the first time she got the keys to one of the cars and took off, we didn't find her for hours. The police found her on a fishing pier on lake Erie. It took Ron's good repore with, her to keep her from jumping off. We've found drugs of all kinds throughout the house. Shes been easily influenced to take them. Good luck to you.
Dr_Anderson : Ok, thank you for the additional information!
Dr_Anderson : Regards,
Dr_Anderson : Dr. Anderson
Customer: How have you been? I am home now and it's been too hit to do to much outdoors, I feel so caged in, I should be used to it by now. Sory I missed your reply. Ill try to keep an eye out today.
Dr_Anderson : Welcome back! Given how long you have had to be in the hospital, please define "home"! :)
Dr_Anderson : Regards,
Dr_Anderson : Dr. Anderson
Customer: I'm at my lake house with Ron and Todd and some guy I don't talk to. So not alone but not at hospital either. They say behave or return so I'm trying.
Customer: Why do I still have hallucinations he changed my meds a couple of weeks ago or so. Saphris 10 mg am &pm. With others
Customer: They say I'm bipolar now in addition to all the others why don't they just say I'm insane. Isn't that the same as not sane statements?
Dr_Anderson :

Are they the same hallucinations, the ones of your assailant(s), or other different hallucinations?

Dr_Anderson :

Bipolar is not permanent insanity - it is episodic insanity. But those episodes can be years or decades (or more!) apart from one another. It depends upon the medications and how well they work - and the compliance of the one taking them :)

Customer: They are both him and other brightly colored
Customer: I have no choice but to be compliant at present it's like I'm in jail here
Customer: I know they care I hear it all the time but they can't make me care too
Customer: I feel like I've lost all my ability
Dr_Anderson :

Depending upon how long you have been on the Saphris, it may still be an adjustment period for it. 20 mg daily (10 mg twice daily) is a good dose to be on. If you still experience hallucinations or if they worsen, it might need to be switched to something like Latuda or Prolixin.

Customer: I can't take latuda I have projectile vomiting with it even if I eat the 350 calls needed
Customer: Cant take some cause of heart problems
Customer: Im on prisosin for PTSD nightmares too
Dr_Anderson :

So lower-potency agents, like Geodon and Thorazine, are bad news for you. Higher potency ones, like Prolixin and Risperdal, may be an option but for the side effects. So, looks like medium (like Saphris and Zyprexa) is where they are shooting next. Seems like a good plan, given what you have been through!

Customer: Risperdal is out the cardiologists say I was on it for a
Customer: Awhile
Customer: Such a bother
Dr_Anderson :

No, not a bother, just a pharmaceutical challenge. :)

Customer: Theyve talked about seroquel and saphris together
Customer: I cause my doc headaches I think but he's calm and patient
Customer: Hey they took my feeding tube out!
Dr_Anderson :

It's an idea. The Seroquel is lo potency but tends to be very safe from a cardiac standpoint. It can also help you put some pounds on, which will also help you, given how much weight you have lost!

Dr_Anderson :

Congrats! Good to be able to eat without a tube. :)

Dr_Anderson :

low potency, not 'lo' potency

Customer: Yes I guess, Todds always pushing the food thing
Customer: They try hard I shouldn't be such a problem to them
Customer: Intold them if they didn't take it out I would
Dr_Anderson :

*lol* I can se you saying that, too...

Dr_Anderson :

see, even

Customer: I was surprised it worked
Customer: I got to drive once it was a blast
Customer: Todds laughing he says a blast for who
Customer: I just need some time alone you know
Customer: What does saphris have on seroquel anyway?
Dr_Anderson :

Yes, as that old song by Chicago said, "Everybody needs a little time away..."

Dr_Anderson :

So, you gave Todd white hairs but he still let you finish the drive! Bravo. ;)

Customer: Will they ever leave me be
Dr_Anderson :

What does Saphris have? It's new, sexy, cool name, sublingual - in short, nothing really except it is not generic. In theory, it does not have as much weight gain as Seroquel.

Customer: I drove alone to a fishing pier it was pretty I was going to jump but some crazy cop tackled me what a nut
Customer: They were worried about triglycerides with the seroquel
Dr_Anderson :

He probably thought you were going to jump to end it all instead of take a clothed dip...

Dr_Anderson :

More total cholesterol than triglycerides in Seroquel.

Customer: Silly man I was
Dr_Anderson :

Well, then bravo to the cop for being nuts. :)

Customer: They locked up all my vehicles
Customer: But that can't stop me I might be crazy but not stupid
Dr_Anderson :

And this is also why they will not leave you to be alone. Sure-fire bent of self-destruction, in spite of having (but not seeing) what you have to offer others.

Customer: I told Todd we will have to get married if we have to sleep together , he says aren't we already
Customer: Why if I don't want to live does everyone else seem bent on making me?
Dr_Anderson :


Dr_Anderson :

Because the insane part can't see the answer to that question, and everyone is banking on the sane part eventually winning out.

Customer: Is there a sane part?
Customer: They say I'm making less sane statements
Customer: Isnt that the same as insane?
Customer: Who decides insane anyway?
Dr_Anderson :

Less sane does not equal insane. One implies sanity still exists and is recognized, but is not being utilized. The other means sanity is not even in the same grid.

Dr_Anderson :

Eventually you will be able to!

Customer: How so?
Customer: The government says I'm schizophrenic for goodness sake
Dr_Anderson :

The government also decided that ObamaCare is a good idea, so let's not use the Fed as a standard for wisdom. :)

Customer: *lol*
Dr_Anderson :

Ok, time for me to hit the rack. You hang in there, Sami, glad you are back online!

Dr_Anderson :

Until next visit. ;)

Customer: Thanks doc your awesome
Dr_Anderson :

So are you! Good night. :)

Customer: Night
Dr_Anderson :


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