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Melanie Barton
Melanie Barton, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Holistic Psychotherapist, Radio talk show host
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I have a 10 year old step daughter a 3 year old son and my

Customer Question

I have a 10 year old step daughter a 3 year old son and my kids mom is 15to weeks pregnant. We live in 2 different homes, i dont love her and feel pressured to stay in a situation im not happy in. How do i deal with this situation.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Melanie Barton replied 5 years ago.
Melanie Barton :

Staying because you feel pressured is not a healthy environment for anyone. Does your children's mother know how you feel? Have you together gone to talk to anyone about your situation? You could ask for a time to sit down and tell her how you feel by making a list of things you are willing to do to support the child you have together and the one on the way. In the meantime it is not advisable that you seek out a new relationship until you have resolved the issues here. Demonstrate that you will be a good father by buying the items your 3 year old needs and helping with the cost of the prenatal care for your child on the way. If you wish further conversation, let me know as my availability is limited today.

Customer: We have had our differences in the past and have delt with them in a similar fashion as you have advised. My only concern is that she is at times irrational and lets her emotions get the best of her. Is this healthy for her pregnancy? If i am willing to wait it out until after the birth of my child to have that conversation, would it be wiser? I have proven my capabilties as a single father to her in the past, in this i feel she will not question me and knows i will be devoted to my responsibilities. We live in sepperate households, therefore makingmake a choice to wait it out while unhealthy, bearable! Though this would mean living in a lie. Our morals and cultural upbringing make this situation harder.
Customer: We have not had any professional help.
Melanie Barton :

I would recommend the professional help for you personally to sort out what you want for yourself before you decide what is best in the relationship. If finances are a problem, then check into family counseling centers which have a sliding scale or go to www. to look for a social worker in your area that has a sliding scale. Let me know if further advice is wanted.

Melanie Barton :

Emotional roller coasters are normal for pregnancy. I would inquire of the irrational behavior is just during pregnancy or at other times too?

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