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I have a very personal question about penis. I need an

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I have a very personal question about penis. I need an expert who is either a doctor or sex therapist. I have a long standing issue and see a psychiatrist for a mental illness too. Can I ask?
Hello! Please remember that my response is for information only, we are not establishing a therapeutic relationship.
I am a Psychologist --if medical conditions have been ruled out already, I might be able to answer your question. Please ask --if I cannot answer it, I will "opt--out" and leave the question for another Expert.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Dr. Fee, okay. Yes, all the medical doctors that I have seen over the years think nothing is really wrong with me, in that area. I do have Schizophrenia though.

What happened to me when I was 18, I bent the penis while masturbating and later experienced some kind of "breaking" in the abdomen just below my belly button.

Ever since I just knew something is not right down there although I have normal erections and sexual functions. I think it has something to do with circulation in that area or psychological/ sexual wellness.

At that time I was masturbating a lot and I never had sex with a girl. What do you think I can do or should do? I also have a Bachelors degree in Psychology.


hi Nick,
This is what I think --it sounds like the time when you bent your penis was very traumatic. We call this a "little t" trauma. Little t traumas differ from "Big T" traumas in they do not have the same level of threat (a big T trauma might be getting robbed at knife point, devastating natural disaster, near death car accident, etc) but the effects of Little t traumas are just as significant.
Events like this are stored in the brain with the same emotions, images, beliefs, and body sensations that occurred when the trauma initially occurred. This could be why it feels like something "broke" in your abdomen.
I am basing my answer on the information that the medical doctors gave that there is indeed nothing physically wrong with you. If that is true, then the lingering effects could be explained by the idea that the original incident was traumatizing.
You could see if you are a good candidate for a therapy called EMDR ( EMDR mimics REM sleep (where we work out the events from our day) to help resolve "stuck points," such as what you describe. The goal would be to not "forget" the original incident, but to have it re-processed and stored in a different way,that is not disturbing.
You would have to talk to someone about whether you are an appropriate candidate, I'm not sure if your Schizophrenia would rule out the appropriateness or not.
I hope that this this gives you some hope that you might be able to resolve this painful issue in your life.
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