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Heidi LPC
Heidi LPC, Psychotherapist
Category: Mental Health
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My daughter has had the same boyfriend for at least two

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My daughter has had the same boyfriend for at least two years, she is totally devoted to him, yesterday she found out he is a thief and she is devasted, hit her like a ton of bricks, symptoms include numbness of arms and legs, throwing up, crying, coldness, these occured at first and lasted couple hours she was able to make it through one day and now approx. twenty four hours later it is hitting her again. When it hits her it is like she is going into shock or something. What are the possibilities and what shoule I do?
Heidi LPC :

Hi there... hoping to help you this evening... I am sorry that your daughter is experiencing such shock over this unfortunate discovery...

Heidi LPC :

Extreme emotional shock such as what she is experiencing can be strong enough to affect the nervous system, which would be why her extremities are going numb and feeling cold... and your support is very important to her right now. Trying to explain to her that her body is just reacting to the news physically will help her to stay calmer and not end up feeling anxious about her health.

Heidi LPC :

If you have serious concerns about her, your family Dr. may be able to prescribe a sedative or something to help her body to regain balance. Generally, initial shock can be numbing which is helpful to keep the body level while the mind deals with the reality... but in her case, she is reacting physically first...

Heidi LPC :

This is clearly her first time dealing with something so shocking and serious; she needs guidance and your calm leadership to teach her how to stay calm in the face of circumstances outside of her control. Just comfort her, let her grieve this loss... and reassure her that you are there for her.

Heidi LPC :

The poor girl! :-(

Heidi LPC :

I am here to help and support you, and want to give you whatever information I can to reassure you; Do you need any further information or have further concerns or questions that I can help you with?

Heidi LPC :

Here is a quick link to an article on emotional shock;


thank you for your help - if it gets worse I'll be back

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Encourage her to focus on breathing slowly and to stay in the moment and not think too far ahead. She has every right to be angry with him, and remind her that she has done nothing to deserve this happening to her... my very best to you, and to her!