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Switched from cutting pills in half when taking .25mg

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Switched from cutting pills in half when taking .25mg lorazapem to oral ATIVAN (1ml) dose the pharmacy made up. I have been feeling jittery, left hand alittle swollen, numbness, chills with by 124/89 p 66 the highest. My dose was taken at 7am. 1pm started second oral dose - it went really well ..hoping 3pm interim withdrawal won't be bad.... Q1- Will this be a smoother transition of withdrawal side effects...on liquid item
Scared of tonight...
must cut my 7pm dosage in half...from .50 to .25mg.
I was at 1.50mg.
Q2 Does cutting more than the 10% they usually say cause a problem of severe side effects....
Q3 is this too severe a taper?? I will slow it down to .125mg if I have to once I reach 1gr. unless I can still do the same kind of your input. Your help and insights have made a world of difference thanks margo
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Dr_Anderson : Good evening! I think this might have accidentally posted your question twice, and don't want you to get charged for both. Please see my answers to the other post. If it did not come through for some reason, please let me know and I'll re-post it here, too.
Dr_Anderson : Keep up the great work, and don't lose hope! You're doing a wonderful job and definitely will get through this!
Dr_Anderson : Regards,
Dr_Anderson : Dr. Anderson
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Dear Dr andersen: I had some additional questions that I asked at the end of the other post. I will not be charged twice. I am on monthly plan. Thanks for your concern.

Plse help again because I didn't convey to you my issues the first go around.


Ok, let me go look at the other post and answer the additional questions.
Dr. Anderson
It actually says the question is locked and won't let me into it - are you able to access the question to copy and paste the questions in this thread, since I can still access this one?
Dr. Anderson