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I was my Gramma's friend since I was born, and for four

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I was my Gramma's friend since I was born, and for four years, her caregiver. I was with her every day towards the end. At first I didn't feel grief at her death (Nov 2011) but now I find myself feeling kind of lost and lonely and unmotivated. I also have bipolar and major anxiety, oh yeah, and I have taken to sleep walking recently. Do you think this is grief for Gramma or maybe my meds (Lexapro, Invega, Gabapentin) need adjusting? Do you think a Life Coach might help?

I forgot to mention...I also have trichotillomania including skin picking. I have no hair on top of my head, and I am scarred from neck to toe with pick marks. I am embarressed about my hair and wonder if the thought I can never do anything about my hair or skin plays a roll in all of this mess. Oh, and I haven't cleaned my house for about a year. It looks like an episode of 'Hoarders'.

I really do need some kind of help, but there is little available on Medi-Cal.

"Do you think this is grief for Gramma or maybe my meds (Lexapro, Invega, Gabapentin) need adjusting? Do you think a Life Coach might help?"


Both are possible. What you're going through may seen as initial shock at her passing and then delayed onset of bereavement. You've mentioned several conditions that you're struggling with and these can intensify your reaction to her crossing over.

If you're dealing with all of the issues you've listed, a reevaluation of your meds would definitely be something to consider with your MD.

A personal coach may not be the best option given the severity and multiple conditions. Working with a therapist and your psychiatrist would be a better option.

Are you receiving your care at a private practice or through your community mental health center? The latter generally serves individuals on limited incomes or without insurance. These centers often provide both psychiatric care and counseling.

Many pharmacological companies offer financial assistance programs for individuals to be able to obtain their medications. You may find info on how to apply for these either on each individual pharmacological site or at

A list of Community Mental Health Centers

Feel free to clarify if this is what you were inquiring about.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I will try to get a community center to help me out. I have never heard of any in SD County and my shrink charges $100. a visit, which I don't have and subsequently have stopped seeing her.

Also, there are no psychologists in San Diego that work on a sliding scale that I can find. Medi-Cal keeps giving me the names of shrinks, but when I call they are not accepting new patients or they never return my calls. It's all extremely frustrating.

I will call the organizations on the list you provided but I have a feeling I won't get any help from them either.


try to stay optimistic. Community Mental Health Centers exist for the purpose of serving those who can't pay full fees or don't have insurance.

If you're seeking counseling in addition to medication management, some counseling centers known as Samaritan Counseling Centers also offer services on those with tight incomes.

Any GP can also prescribe psychotropic medication.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you. You're a jewel!

You welcome!