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I take a drug called zyprexa. It was from a psychiatrist who

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I take a drug called zyprexa. It was from a psychiatrist who gave me this drug.. but my family wants me to take it everyday until i finish my study. I didnt go back to the psychiatrist again whether I should stop the drug or not,my family refuse to do that, they said he will say the same thing to take the drug again. But im worried about my health , whether the drugs will affect my health in the future...
Dr_Anderson : Greetings, and thank you for your question. I'm not sure why the psychiatrist gave you the medication, and what it is for, but it sounds like your family wants you to keep taking it every day. Zyprexa is a medication often used to help with mood disorders. For some patients, Zyprexa is used because they see or hear things that are not present. There are long term things that have to be watched for, like cholesterol, blood sugar, and a person's weight, when they take Zyprexa, but overall it is a safe medicine to use when prescribed for the right reasons and monitored.
Dr_Anderson : If you are having troubles with the medicine and worry about it, it is important to let your doctor know so he/she can address your concerns. But, until then, it is important to keep taking it so that it can build up in your body and help you.
Dr_Anderson : I see you are offline right now, so hopefully this will help get you started. Please let me know what other questions you have!
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
but until when I can take the drug? I don't want to take it for my entire life, but my family are afraid that my symptom will come back like before...How to convince them not to take the drug? if I don't take the drug I feel sensitive and weak...I'm afraid that I will be dependent to the drug for my whole life
Since I'm not sure why the doctor prescribed the medication, it's hard to say for how long you will need it. But, it is safe to take for a long time (years, even), as long as it is being monitored. It sounds like it is being used to help keep your moods stable. If so, that could be evidence for a mood disorder, like depression or bipolar. These are medical conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure - not a sign of weakness or bad character on your part! So, you won't be dependent upon this medicine from the standpoint of needing it to be "normal." You sound like a perfectly normal person to me, so what the medicine is there for is to help your brain regulate its moods. Your brain wants to do that, but for some reason it cannot, so the medicine helps it do that. Kind of like how a person with high blood pressure needs medicine to regulate the blood pressure. Their body wants to have normal blood pressure, but it needs help to do it.
Does that make sense?