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In the movie "Girl Inturrupted" the character played by

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In the movie "Girl Inturrupted" the character played by Whoopie Goldburg told the lead character to (paraphraised) "write it out, draw it out, get it out of you somehow." Is this a good idea, or is this like hitting things to relieve anger, which only makes you angrier and practices anger?


It is different than hitting. She's referring to things like art therapy, journaling, possibly music therapy, exercise,etc. These can be seen as constructive venues to deal with emotions rather than destructive. She's encouraging the character to use their right brain (creative) side.

When a person is engaged in hitting a pillow or a punching bag, that creates a pattern in the brain giving the message that displaying anger is an appropriate way to deal with it. Anger can be dealt differently where the person addressing their anger attempts to remain calm and rational rather than worked up (as in the act of hitting an object).

Anger is often a secondary feeling to another emotions i.e. disappointment, fear, shame, etc.

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