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With my relatives my dads said of family have really bad anger

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With my relatives my dads said of family have really bad anger problems they can cope but never saw a psychiatrist so how would they know they had a mental illness and an illness none of my father said family including his mum and dad went to see a psychiatrist they act weirdly one Uncle does goes on about oh how bad that person is showing off and in hong kong going to attack that person but not directly only in his mind and being really selfish and greedy by saying first give me this amount of money then i will buy for you didn't say you can pay me back after that he should respect my dad he's the oldest in the family. My Auntie said on Chinese New Year bad stuff when it's meant to be good luck on that day my sister said Happy Chinese New Year or something similar in Cantonese she said something really bad or evil. All my 2 cousins Uncles family are a bit weird also from that brother just mentioned and the other ones also got their personality, behaviour and attitude from their dads mostly?

There would be no way to know for sure if your dad's family has any mental illnesses or not unless you were fully trained to look for the symptoms. From what you describe, it does sound like they could benefit from seeing a therapist for an evaluation. If your uncle is talking about things that are not real, being selfish and greedy and acting strange in general, then that indicates something is wrong. And if your other relatives are talking about evil and saying bad things, that could be a sign that something is wrong as well, though that is less obvious.


It could be that your dad's family was expose to abuse as children and that is why they all have issues. When people grow up with abusive parents, they can develop poor coping skills, personality issues and other emotional difficulties. That may be why all of your dad's relatives have problems.



PS You may want to put my name in front of your question if you are interested in just talking with me. Otherwise, it is fine to leave your questions as they are.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Well it's all got to do with my dad's side of his family I meant his brothers and sister and his dad and mum. My dad says stuff that's mean and horrible and seems to find it that if he has a go at me he will make me learn doesn't show how he feels inside him my mum says he doesn't mean it just doesn't know how to teach people so has a go at them but i don't like it never did when i was born to now not everyone can tolerate it even if my sisters had a go at me when he nearly retired my sisters expect me to accept it and am all wrong and nothing to do with my paranoid schizophrenia and OCD all my life even when they knew i had it disrespected me always said am wrong and making up excuses they say it makes me so angry and upset what they did in the past and am not being sensitive or trying to remember the past they always bring it up or something new and don't understand?
It sounds like something did happen to your father and his relatives when they were young. To treat you as he does without caring about how you feel says that he may have been treated badly himself in the past. That can make him seem insensitive to your feelings and anyone else's. It can be hurtful to hear such things and hard to block out, even if you try. It's good you have your mother who tries to help you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My dad must have some kind of mental illness and illness because he gets up in the afternoon from 2PM-3PM and has breakfast and goes to sleep in the morning at 5AM-6AM. My mum thinks that what is he doing when we go to sleep at night he doesn't watch tv that much now but walks around making unusual or strange or weird sounds that's so loud I had to scream out aloud because i just couldn't take it he's being making those sounds for years now so it's got to a point i have to completely avoid him when i have dinner have to wait for him to settle into dinner eating then come downstairs I have to wait for 10-20 minutes then come down when the food is nearly cold and quickly have lunch and come back to my computer room and close the door everytime all these years to avoid his annoying sounds. So around 11PM-5PM he's doing nothing doesn't want to sleep and me and my mum don't know what he's doing exactly am worried about him something might happen been like for years now wandering around for 7 hours or more doing nothing in the garden and in the house and garage.

I can understand your concern. Your father's behavior is a bit odd. Being up at night is not so strange, but making sounds like that could indicate either a physical disorder (if he does it a lot all day and night) or possibly a mental health disorder. If he did come from a family where he was abused, there could be anxiety, depression or another diagnosis. It's hard to say without seeing him. But I can understand your anxiety about being around him if his sounds are that disturbing.




I think we need to start a new thread here. This one is getting long. :)

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