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Dr. Rossi
Dr. Rossi, Psychotherapist
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To Dr Rossi only: can you please do another horseshoe spread

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To Dr Rossi only: can you please do another horseshoe spread for my guy's situation and then one for mine, ASAP?


this is what came up in today's spread -

Presently- Moon: a sense of confusion as a result of having to face his past actions and their outcome. Feeling as though he's in a dark place and not knowing how to pull through. Having doubts about his ability to make a firm decision to do what should be done. In order to make progress, it would be essential for him to face his fears and doubts. After he sheds this anxiety, can he make a move forward.

Desires/wishes -Ten of Cups: The desire for genuine happiness, peace and harmony is there. It shows that it is possible to have a positive and fulfilling relationship w/ you.

The Unexpected development- Ace of pentacles: Still a long way to go before finalizing his financial obligations. Concerns about material circumstances are becoming more clear and defined.

Immediate possible development- Two of Swords: His inclination at this time to hide from others (you) and his emotions. He is afraid of change and because of this, he believes that he's stuck. Still feels at a cross road only because of his indecision.

Possible Outcome-Queen of swords: on your part the need to exercise patience and strength at this moment. Meaning- addressing the anxiety level that you're feeling as a result of his distance. It also is a card that suggest that you stay assertive in letting him know what you want.

It is as though he's afraid to allow himself to be happy with you because he feels guilty and concerned about his family- as though he's punishing himself. But life has ups and downs. He had decided to move out and to leave his wife. It is a decision he has to live and also face his obligation to you.

The cards portray the energies that influence the current situation. How each person handles their part in it, is what would lead to the outcome. What keeps coming up is that he must put in order his monetary concerns, deal w. indecisiveness rather than hide from his emotions and from you. There is an indication that the relationship can have a future once he is truthful with himself and you. One other issue may be a pending divorce (he may not have yet pursued this, and is something that would definitely be affecting how he is doing now and his interaction with you) .

If you had not heard from him this week, you may send him a text just to say "hope you're well" or, "hope things are well on your end."

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I just don't know of I should reach out first or let him come to me. I am really hurting here and I am trying to do the best I can for him by giving him "space," but I guess part of it is pride, I want him to MISS ME
TOO, dammit!!i just don't know if I even feel like he has romantic feelings for me or not! This is HORRIBLE!

Hi Julie,

I just replied to you under the other thread just now.